12 Movie Theater Secrets You Probably Haven't Thought About

Ever wonder about movie theater secrets such as why the popcorn always smells irresistible but costs a fortune? Always wanted to know why the theater floors sometimes feel like a sticky mess, even though you passed the cleaning crew on the way in? If so, then you're in luck - because we've got the inside scoop on all the movie theater secrets you've always wanted to know about but weren't quite sure who to ask.

We set out to discover a collection of cool behind the scenes secrets from movie theater employees themselves. Below you'll find out the answers to questions like whether individual theaters control the movies they play, why the snacks are outrageously priced, and tips to keep everyone in the snack line from secretly kinda hating you. 

We'll also delve into the unexplored dangers of being a cinema employee, as well as secrets behind movies at the theater and how they're managed. You'll also get the low down on which unadvisable actions can actually get you arrested while in a theater and the dark truth about what some moms leave behind after kids' movies. You'll also learn about some of the cool perks of working at the movies and score a few tips on the best ways to get on your friendly movie manager's good side.

So get ready to take a backstage look at these interesting movie theater secrets and be sure to vote for the most helpful and/or revealing. If there are any movies you're anticipating, remember these facts when you head to the theater to see them. Not only could this information save you time, and money, they'll also give you the chance to make the lives of theater workers just a little bit easier.