Total Nerd This Scene In The Last Jedi Is Forcing Movie Theaters To Add A Warning  

Rebecca High

New-to-Star Wars director Rian Johnson made some unconventional choices for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and one specific scene has forced movie theaters to issue a warning ahead of time. (Warning: there are spoilers ahead!)

In one scene, Laura Dern's character Admiral Holdo crashes her ship at hyperspeed straight into a First Order Star Destroyer. At the exact moment of impact, all the sound is cut.

It was the director's creative choice, meant to elevate the drama of the moment. And by all accounts, it does. But it's a very long pause, and the almost 10 seconds of stunned silence feels like an eternity or maybe a technical glitch when you're sitting in a packed theater.

So movie theaters started issuing warnings to patrons advising them to not worry or complain when the moment of silence (or really, 10 of them) arose. Watch this video to see some of the reactions that other crew and producers had to Johnson's bold directorial stroke. Do you think it warrants the warning?