13 Movie Traitors Who We Can’t TOTALLY Blame

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Vote up the movie traitors who weren't *right* - but you at least see where they were coming from.

Traitors are the worst. Thankfully, we rarely have to deal with turncoats and liars in real life, but the world of cinema is filled with dirty double-crossers, spies, and informants. Betrayals can be hard to watch, but sometimes we totally get why a character would conspire against an ally to get ahead.

All of the quislings and deserters collected here have different reasons for turning on their respective protagonists. Some of them have to turn their backs on all that's good because if they don't, they're effed, but in other cases, the rats on this list are just trying to make their lives better, and it's hard to argue with that.

Which of these traitors make the most understandable decisions, and which of them are just making bad moves?