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People Are Sharing Oddly Specific Movie Tropes They Just Can't Stand

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Movies are often meant to transport the viewer into another world, and to immerse them into an entertaining story. However, sometimes there are moments in films that can completely take the viewer out of the narrative. Reddit user u/VeggieBurger953 asked: "What is a thing that a lot of movies do that you absolutely hate?" and the responses had us saying, "huh."

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    When Characters Don't Explain What Happened

    From Reddit user u/HappyHuntsman:

    When a character doesn't immediately explain what happened, to stop the conflict.

    Just let me explain, I swear that's not what happened. If you just let me finish, I'll tell you! SHUT UP! JUST SAY IT!

    I didn't kill your [insert familial person here] I tried to save them, but I was too late.

    Reddit user u/EpiphanyCatharsis replied:

    This right here. If the second hour of the movie exists because some dumb*ss couldn’t say “Listen to me, there’s been a misunderstanding and if you give me 30 seconds I’ll clear it up” then I’m done.

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    Not Looking At The Road While Driving

    From Reddit user u/iyamwhatiyamwhatiyam:

    Have long *ss conversations while driving a car and the driver takes their eyes off the road for pretty much the entire time.

    Reddit user u/not_the_chosen_onee replied:

    Bonus points if they’re turning their wheel even though they’re going straight.

    Reddit user u/ArltheCrazy replied:

    I always think that a massive collision is about to happen and going to be part of the plot.

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    Splitting Up In Horror Movies

    From Reddit user u/djdvelo22:

    I think everyone can agree with me that you should never split up.

    Reddit user u/Bogula_D_Ekoms replied:

    Especially when the electricity just went out and you can't find your keys.

    Reddit user u/Sayy_Myy_Name replied:

    But it covers more ground that way.

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    Turning On The TV To See Exactly What They Need

    From Reddit user u/wlane13:

    "What happened?" "I dont know, lets check on the news..."

    TURNS ON TV... in perfect timing:

    "If you are just joining us, here is the plot wrap up of the thing that the heroes need to know." Cuts TV off immediatly after important newscaster dialogue.

    Reddit user u/Stormcell75 replied:

    And notice how no one has to change the channel? It's always on the right channel exactly when needed.

    Reddit user u/marcato53 replied:

    And then they start talking so you can't hear the news, but when they start listening to the newscaster again they're somehow only continuing from where they left off when you could hear them talking before.

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