18 Fictional Writers Who Are Obviously Terrible At Writing

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Film and television is full of characters who are supposed to be amazing writers, but are they actually good at what they do? In almost every film and television show, audiences are inundated with characters who are supposedly good writers but are clearly terrible. Sometimes their work is bad, and sometimes they don’t even work. But why are there so many bad writers in television? You can chalk it up to bad writers writing bad writers, or to put it another way, the actual writer of the piece is trying to insert themselves into their film under the guise of the voice of their generation. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve witnessed this trope, just watch anything adapted from a Charles Bukowski novel or literally every episode of Gilmore Girls.

Writers in movies are always bad. Always. It seems like it’s impossible for a writer in a piece of media to actually be a good writer. Most of the time they’re too verbose, laying on the adjectives and metaphors like some kind of person that lays things on other things. The only times that awful writers in TV don’t have suspect writing is when audiences don’t even see their writing. That’s almost worse than terrible writers in movies making everyone hear their terrible prose (or read it - which is what no one wants to do while they’re watching something). Keep reading to see if your favorite fictional author made it on the list. If they did, then go ahead and pen a severe missive and mail it in to the comments.