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Which Fictional Presidents Do You Wish Were In Charge Right Now?

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List RulesVote up the commanders in chief from film and TV you think could provide the most competent and commanding leadership during a global pandemic.

American presidents in movies, television shows, books, and comics tend to fall into two categories. In the first, you'll find idealized fictional heads of state who are capable, noble, and get the job done regardless of their politics. These presidents could wield Mjolnir. In the second category, you'll find caricatures of self-obsessed or incompetent politicians. These presidents screw up during crises.

So, with a pandemic raging across the planet and the US economy in a headlock, many citizens are turning to made-up commanders in chief for inspiration. If you could vote a commanding character from a set of the Oval Office into the actual office to provide leadership during an unprecedented crisis, for whom would you cast your ballot? Are you looking for the stalwart humanism of The West Wing's Jed Bartlet? Or do you want a president who will hop in a fighter jet and blast some missiles at the virus, like Independence Day's Thomas J. Whitmore?