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Movie Villains Who Suffered A Fate Worse Than Death

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Whether you love to hate them or just straight-up hate them, movie villains have to be defeated to give a film a satisfying ending. While some bad guys are just tossed off a building or melted by the Ark of the Covenant, other baddies have to endure a fate that's worse than the painful bliss of nonexistence.

In some cases, the villains pass into the emptiness of the universe, not dead but not alive, and in other instances, they're simply driven insane by the knowledge that they've been truly and finally bested by their nemesis. And some bad guys are just turned into mutant dogs, which is a pretty nasty fate no matter how you look at it.

Which villains suffer the worst fate is a matter of opinion, which is why we need you to decide which one of these evil creeps was given a send-off that was worse than they actually deserved.

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  • Photo: Batman Forever / Warner Bros.

    Batman has never been known to be especially kind to his rogues' gallery, but in Batman Forever, he dishes out his most hellacious punishment to the Riddler of all people. Throughout the film, the Riddler goes out of his way to ruin the Dark Knight's life, but that's just what the villains of Gotham do (that and wear thematic outfits).

    After a fight against Riddler and Two-Face on Claw Island, Two-Face is apprehended by the authorities, but Riddler is hooked up to a giant brainwave receiver that shoves all of the knowledge of Gotham City into his frontal lobe. As he is wont to do, Batman destroys the brainwave machine, but the malfunctioning creation zaps the Riddler and turns his mind to mush.

    Following his defeat on Claw Island, Riddler is doomed to spend the rest of his life in Arkham Asylum living out the fantasy that he's Batman. Kept alive by the staff at Arkham, there's no telling how long Riddler will spend carrying on as Batman, going on adventures from the privacy of his padded cell.

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  • Photo: The Matrix Revolutions / Warner Bros.

    Agent Smith actually gets what he wants at the end of The Matrix Revolutions. He not only defeats Neo, but he also gains the ability to become sentient. It turns out that by "winning," he actually loses big time.

    After consuming Neo and getting rid of the anomaly in the Matrix, Agent Smith realizes that he doesn't have a purpose and that now he has to be deleted along with his enemy. Smith is destroyed by his own actions, but he's still in the system, even if it's only his mind (or whatever a mind is digitally). Smith now has to spend eternity thinking about how he did himself in - or at least until the Matrix restarts again.

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  • Lotso is easily one of the evilest characters in cinema history, right up there with the Reverend Harry Powell and Voldemort. Not only does he create a toy prison at the Sunnyside Daycare, but he also manipulates the toys into believing they're his friends, wipes Buzz's memory and turns him into one of his henchmen, and nearly has Woody and the rest of Andy's toys incinerated.

    The toys escape their fate with the help of the claw machine aliens, and while Lotso initially avoids meeting his end in a garbage dump's flames, his fate is much worse than we'd wish on anyone. Found by a garbage man, Lotso is tied to the front of a trash truck to spend the rest of his life catching bugs and burning in the hot sun.

    It's a fate befitting a character in a Greek myth (Prometheus comes to mind), but it's the last thing audiences expect to see in a children's movie. Did he deserve this kind of thing? Or should the Pixar gods have shown mercy?

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  • Photo: Aladdin / Buena Vista Pictures

    Jafar's hunger for power almost leads to him getting what he wants after he takes control of Aladdin's lamp. He uses his first two wishes to become sultan and the most powerful sorcerer on Earth. Those aren't bad wishes as far as power-hungry bad guys are concerned, but it's his third wish that dooms him to a fate worse than death.

    After wishing to become a genie, he's given all the powers of the universe, but he's also saddled with the one drawback of his extreme power - he has to live out eternity inside a lamp and grant three wishes to anyone who rubs it. 

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