Movie Villains That Made Us Say 'Forget The Hero, I'm With The Bad Guy'

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In most movies, there is a clear cut distinction between good and evil characters. But sometimes, as the story unfolds, the lines blur on who's good or bad and we end up hoping the villain overtakes the hero. Here are some of the most popular movie villains and the reasons that made people jump teams and head to the dark side. 


  • From Redditor /u/BrilliantWeb:

    King Kong. Dude's minding his own business, living on a tropical island, and men show up, capture, and enslave him.

    F*ckers deserved everything they got.

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    From Redditor /u/VVillyD:

    I think one of the genius things about the X-Men is that Xavier and Magneto both have the same motives, but their life experiences drive them to completely opposite means to achieve those motives.

    Both are leaders of an oppressed minority (obvious real world allegories there) who want to create a world where their people are accepted. Xavier was raised with privilege and as a fully accepted member of society. Therefore he sees working with society and within existing power structures as the best option. Magneto, however, was a holocaust survivor. He was always raised without privilege on the outside of society. Since the structures of society had never worked for him, he always saw them as an obstacle to achieving acceptance for his people.

    Neither one of them was "wrong". They always worked towards the same end. They just saw the other's methods as counterproductive.

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    The Grinch In 'Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas'

    From Redditor /u/IALREADYREEDIT:

    The Grinch. I wanna be alone and have a cool dog

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  • From Redditor /u/eldritch_candy:

    He had a rough childhood, he is a great dad to Vanessa, he never gives up even when his 'Inators' blow up.

    Dr Doofenshmirtz is a good character.

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  • From Redditor /u/whereegosdare84:

    Roy Batty in Blade Runner.

    Batty wanted to gain his freedom and lead the other Nexus-6 models to safety. Instead, his dwindling ranks were hunted like rats. Although the Nexus-6 Replicants had a pretty bad reputation, Batty never gave any clues that he meant harm to the human race.

    There may have been blood on his hands, but Batty only went for those directly involved with the Replicants or that were pursuing him. At the end of the day, he was just looking for answers from his creator.

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    Francis Hummel In 'The Rock'

    From Redditor /u/the_planes_walker:

    Brigadier General Francis Hummel in The Rock. Seriously, the government absolutely screws the members of his unit and their families.

    He just wanted them to be acknowledged and paid what was due.

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