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14 Movies About Doomed Missions With Little To No Hope Of Survival

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Movies about doomed missions are some of the most exciting films you can find. Not shackled to one specific genre, movies where characters get together to go on a doomed mission are fun to watch, and the best ones even manage to pull on your heartstrings.

Many of the missions that the following teams go on are doomed by greed, but there are also plenty of deadly assignments that are just snake-bit from the start. The most harrowing thing about these doomed missions isn't the fact that they're destined for failure - it's watching characters who know they don't have much time.

Don't worry: Not all of these doomed missions end in total destruction. Every once in a while, someone comes out on top, but it's up to you to determine which one of these missions was never going to end well.

  • The Mission: The fishermen aboard the Andrea Gail, a commercial ship, have had bunk luck with their catch all season. The only way to make up for lost revenue is to go on one last fishing expedition for the season. After catching more fish than they know what to do with, they realize the only way to make it home in time to keep their catch from spoiling is to head straight through a confluence of weather patterns that threatens to sink them to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

    The Crew: Our crew is a pretty solid collection of roughnecks played by a solid collection of character actors. Captain Tyne has two daughters at home and needs to make bank or he'll be financially ruined, two of the senior crewmen are at odds over their shared relationship with the same gal, and Mark Wahlberg is the new guy who just wants to make some extra money and not die in some sort of perfect storm scenario.

    How Do They Do? The guys don't do so hot when the waves crash in. Everyone acts admirably, but when all rescue attempts fail, they make a group decision to try and drive their boat over a rogue wave. After they capsize, all four members of the crew go down with the ship.

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    The Mission: With the sun dying out and Earth quickly turning into a cold, lifeless place, it's up to an international crew of astronauts to transport a bomb from their ship to the sun in hopes of bringing the fading star back to life and saving humanity.

    The Crew: Our international cast of astronauts is a combination of stern military types and more philosophical scientists who bring their various cultures to the Icarus II mission. If things had gone well, they might have all learned something from one another, but unfortunately, murderous/insane/eyeless Captain Pinbacker from the Icarus I is also aboard the ship, and he'd very much like for everyone on Earth to "go to heaven."

    How Do They Do? Things go wrong right off the bat when the crew of the Icarus II decides to intercept the Icarus I. With their shield panels damaged, the entire crew is at risk of being cooked by the sun. As if that wasn't bad enough, the ship's oxygen garden is destroyed during the shield panel realignment, which essentially seals the crew's fate unless they can board Icarus I and use the ghost ship's remaining oxygen.

    From here on out, things just go from bad to worse. Crew members freeze in the emptiness of space, one guy stares into the sun without a shield and sets himself on fire, and then Captain Pinbacker shows up and goes all Jason Voorhees on everyone left standing. It's not an ideal mission. Eventually, the remaining astronauts decide to jettison themselves and the nuclear payload into the sun, which reignites the star and brings warmth back to Earth.

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    The Mission: 300 Spartans are tasked with holding off 300,000 Persian soldiers led by Xerxes, a man believed to be a god-king, so they've got their work cut out for them.

    The Crew: Led by King Leonidas, the 300 Spartans are a collection of ripped-as-hell soldiers who are acting as his personal bodyguards. None of these guys want to bow down to Xerxes, let alone allow the Persian forces to breach the gates of Sparta. Never mind the fact that the actual Spartan Council doesn't want anything to do with these guys.

    How Do They Do? The Spartans fend off Xerxes and his army for a couple of days before finally succumbing to the overwhelming numbers they're up against. On the plus side, the Spartans prove that Xerxes is nothing more than a man, and they inspire the Greeks and their fellow Spartans to pick up arms against the Persian military.

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    The Mission: After discovering a star map that matches similar maps found on Earth, the crew of the Prometheus travels to LV-223, an out-of-the-way moon that looks to be totally abandoned. If their mission is a success, they may very well prove the existence of intelligent design (otherwise known as the Engineers).

    The Crew: This is no rough-and-ready crew, but rather a collection of scientists, military folks, an android named David, and even an employee of the Weyland Corporation who wants to make sure that the expedition to LV-223 goes to plan. Elizabeth Shaw, an archaeologist, hopes to find some kind of universal connection between extraterrestrial life and humans.

    How Do They Do? Things don't go so hot on the surface of LV-223 (that could be on the wreath of the Alien family crest). A collection of strange creatures takes out the crewmembers and even transforms some of them into human-alien hybrids. It's not so hot. David is decapitated, but he and Shaw are able to nick an escape pod and fly off in search of the Engineers' home planet.

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