The Best Movies About Dysfunctional Families

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There's nothing quite as dramatic as family. Complicated mother/daughter relationships, argumentative siblings, and estranged fathers and sons make movies about dysfunctional families a unique film genre. The best movies about crazy families feature emotional interactions peppered with a splash of humor to add to the entertainment. This is a list of the best dramas about families, including everything from Ordinary People to Terms of Endearment to Happiness.

What films will you find on this list of the greatest movies about eccentric families? The Royal Tenenbaums puts a whimsical spin on the genre. With their absentee father, Royal, returning to their lives, the Tenenbaum children – now adults – must all deal with their own unresolved issues. On the lighter side, Parenthood is a hilarious comedy about a dysfunctional family. August: Osage County is an acting tour de force featuring an all-star ensemble cast portraying the Weston family. Other good films featured here include The Ref, The Grifters, and Death at a Funeral.

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