The Best Movies About Generation Z (So Far)

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Vote up the films that most accurately depict Gen Z characters dealing with Gen Z stuff.

Some movies can pinpoint a time and place so perfectly that they define a generation. What are the best movies that describe Generation Z? From the seminal classic Dope to the weepie drama The Fault in Our Stars, vote up all the popular movies that represent Generation Z.

Generation Z, also known as Gen Z or Post Millennial or even The Founders, depending on who you ask, are the generation directly following the Millennials. It includes people born roughly between the mid-1990s to mid-2000s. What makes this generation especially unique is that they have lived with technology like the internet and social media their entire lives. Therefore these movies describe Gen Z life in the digital age.

The best Gen Z movies feature coming out stories and even how to land a job out of college in this modern age. But some of these movies are just straight up comedies meant to make everyone laugh, regardless of how old they are.

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