The Best Movies About Incels

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What are the best movies about incels? When thinking about what is the best incel movie, many people wonder what is an incel? According to, the incel definition refers to an internet subculture of men who blame others for the fact that they are not having sex, making incel short for involuntary celibacy. Incels have grown in online popularity due through the rapid use of incel memes, making them great content for incel movies. So, what are the best incel movies? What movies have incel characters? 

When you think of movies about incels Joker immediately comes to mind, as do Her, Brazil, Taxi Driver, and Fight Club, but they can also be great comedy movies like The Forty Year Old Virgin or The King of Comedy. There are even female incel movies, such as Ghost World and Saint Maud. In 2020, the first incel documentary TFW NO GF was released. These are just a few examples of movies about incels.

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