The Greatest Movies About Making Money

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Whether they are about gambling, business, or planning a good heist, movies about making money and getting rich have made millions for Hollywood. The top making money movies have even won Academy Awards for the actors who played characters that known how to work the system. This is a list of movies about doing business, featuring everything from The Wolf of Wall Street to Citizen Kane to American Hustle.

What films will you find on this list of the best making money movies? You won't be surprised to see Glengarry Glen Ross here. Alec Baldwin's opening monologue in the 1992 film epitomized corporate greed and showed the plight of struggling salesmen as they try to make the deal and get the leads. Wall Street is another great movie about making money. The Big Short followed the story of a few smart money men who spotted – and profited from – the 2008 recession before anyone. Other great films featured on this top money making movies list include 21, The Secret of My Success, and Moneyball.

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