The Best Movies About Millennials (So Far)

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Determining the best movies about millennials really isn't easy, as they're a tough generation to cover. While entitled, opinionated, and lazy are some common terms used to describe them, millennials are also known to be well educated and motivated—and they know that what they like. Nevertheless, some movies completely nail it when depicting the millennial stereotype and the kind of people they are. The films to follow are just a few great examples of how most of society views this complicated, meme-loving generation.

Considering the common take on millennials, films like Neighbors portray them quite well in this sense. Loud, obnoxious, and "just here to party" are just a few ways to describe the modern college kid, and so is the subject of this hilarious comedy. Then you have movies like Bad Moms, which shows another side of millennials. You know, hip, health conscious, and strong willed. Of course, we can't forget the darker side of millennials—the depressed and anxiety-filled side—displayed in the dramedy, The Edge of Seventeen. As it turns out, millennials aren't really all that hard to capture on film.

So, what movies about millennials have done it best? Vote up your favorites from the list below and vote any down that you feel "just don't get you".

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