Interesting Details Fans Noticed In Movies About Moms That We Definitely Missed

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Of all the movie genres out there, one major favorite amongst fans will always be movies about moms. Motherhood and maternal figures in film has been a staple for years, whether it's about moms protecting their families or the bond between them, people are forever interested. More than a few fans of the genre managed to spot some truly interesting details in the best movies about moms.

Check out these details from movies about moms that were spotted by fans, and don't forget to vote!

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    Joan Bought The Chalkboard For The Seance In 'Hereditary'

    Joan Bought The Chalkboard For The Seance In 'Hereditary'
    Photo: A24

    From Redditor u/danthaman15:

    In Hereditary, Joan conducts a séance to reach out to her dead son and brings out his old chalkboard, supposedly one of his favorite toys, to help communicate. In the previous scene, one can glimpse the chalkboard in Joan's car just freshly bought, foreshadowing how the séance is a ruse.

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    Jamie Lee Curtis Actually Played The Guitar Solo In 'Freaky Friday'

    From Redditor u/Sh*ttyNoodle:

    In one of the final scenes of the movie Freaky Friday, Lindsay Lohan's character plays a guitar solo inside of Jamie Lee Curtis, playing her mother. In real life, Curtis actually learned and played the solo as showed in the film.

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    The Position Of The Characters Reflect The Dynamic Shift During The Interrogation In 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'

    From Redditor u/IamJoesMind:

    In Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the position of the characters reflect the dynamic shift in the interrogation scene. When Chief Willoughby is interrogating Mildred he is over her and in charge, after he coughs, he sits and she stands to look after him.

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    An Evidence Tag Shows Where Ma's Previous Child Is Buried In 'Room'

    An Evidence Tag Shows Where Ma's Previous Child Is Buried In 'Room'
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    From Redditor u/lebvidox:

    In Room, we can see a spot was dug up by the tree and marked as evidence (yellow note). In the book Ma had another baby before Jack, who died at birth and was buried in the backyard by her abductor.

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    Victoria Becomes Horrified By Edith Once Her Glasses Are Fixed In 'Mama'

    From Redditor u/iwantafancyusername:

    In Mama, Victoria's glasses break before she ever sees Edith. As she has never seen Edith clearly, once she gets new glasses she is horrified. Lily, who never needed glasses, has grown up seeing Edith as a caregiver, which explains why she is never afraid of her.

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    Ripley's Daughter In 'Aliens' Is Played By Sigourney Weaver's Real Life Mother

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