12 Movies That Were More Than Likely Ghost-Directed

The movie industry is a fickle business. Sometimes, after a production wraps and box office sales have long been tallied, behind-the-scenes rumors emerge. It’s pretty rare, but not unheard of, that a film’s credited director was not the person actually calling the shots, as is the case with these movies allegedly ghost-directed.

It's important to note all the information in this list amounts to rumors and he-said-she-said recollection. For some movies with uncredited directors on this list, like Poltergeist and Tombstone, there's a lot of evidence indicating the person credited as director had little say in the final product. With others, like The Thing from Another World, conflicting stories have emerged regarding who was in charge.

Sometimes, these alleged, famous ghost directors only helmed a few key scenes in the picture. Other times, they took total charge of the production. Read about these famous directors who didn't get credit for their work below and leave a comment if you’ve heard any juicy behind-the-scenes rumors about who was really the on-set boss.