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List of all movies directed by Brian De Palma ranked from best to worst with photos. Films directed by Brian De Palma are listed here and include movie posters and Brian De Palma movie trailers whenever possible. This is a collection of the best movies directed by Brian De Palma as voted on by film buffs. If you think the greatest Brian De Palma movie isn't as high as it should be on this list, then make sure to vote so that your opinion of what the top Brian De Palma film is can be factored into this list.

From Brian De Palma's studio films to Brian De Palma's independent films, this Brian De Palma filmography keeps tabs on all Brian De Palma movies, and lets the cream of the crop rise to the top.

Scarface and The Untouchables are only the beginning of the movies on this list.

If you’re wondering “what movies did Brian De Palma direct?” or “who is Brian De Palma?” then this list will explain how most people know this director. This list also answers questions like “what are the all-time best movies directed by Brian De Palma?” and “what's a good selection of good Brian De Palma movies?”

If you're wanting to get into Brian De Palma films, then this list is a great starting point for at least starting with the most decent Brian De Palma works.

All Brian De Palma director credits are included. This list of every movie that Brian De Palma has directed can be sorted for specific information such as what genre the Brian De Palma movie is and which actors starred in the Brian De Palma film.

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Brian De Palma has had the pleasure of working with tremendous talent, including Scarlett Johansson and Al Pacino. We have lists of the best movies directed by Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola too, which you might like if you're a fan of Brian De Palma.

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Carrie is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Brian De Palma
Carrie John Travolta, Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie

The Best Movies Directed by Women The Best Netflix Original Drama Movies

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Body Double Melanie Griffith, Dennis Franz, Deborah Shelton

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Blow Out John Travolta, John Lithgow, Dennis Franz

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Carlito's Way is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Brian De Palma
Carlito's Way Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Viggo Mortensen

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Scarface is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Brian De Palma
Scarface Michelle Pfeiffer, Al Pacino, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

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Dressed to Kill Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, Dennis Franz

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Phantom of the Paradise Rod Serling, Paul Williams, Jessica Harper

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The Untouchables is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Brian De Palma
The Untouchables Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner

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Sisters Margot Kidder, Charles Durning, Olympia Dukakis

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Mission: Impossible Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Vanessa Redgrave

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Femme Fatale Rebecca Romijn, Antonio Banderas, John Stamos

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Casualties of War Sean Penn, Michael J. Fox, John C. Reilly

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Obsession John Lithgow, Cliff Robertson, Geneviève Bujold

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Raising Cain John Lithgow, Lolita Davidovich, Gabrielle Carteris

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Passion Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace, Karoline Herfurth

The Best NC-17 Indie Movies These Disney Princess Were Absolutely Terrible Role Models

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Snake Eyes Nicolas Cage, Carla Gugino, Gary Sinise

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The Bonfire of the Vanities Kirsten Dunst, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis

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The Fury Kirk Douglas, Daryl Hannah, Jim Belushi

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Hi, Mom! Robert De Niro, Charles Durning, Gerrit Graham

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The Wedding Party Robert De Niro, Jill Clayburgh, Jared Martin

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Mission to Mars Tim Robbins, Don Cheadle, Gary Sinise

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The Black Dahlia Scarlett Johansson, Rose McGowan, Hilary Swank

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Greetings Robert De Niro, Roz Kelly, Gerrit Graham

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Get to Know Your Rabbit Orson Welles, Katharine Ross, John Astin

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Redacted Don McKellar, Ohad Knoller, Abigail Savage

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Wise Guys Danny DeVito, Harvey Keitel, Patti LuPone

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Murder a la Mod Lionel Stander, Barry Newman, Jared Martin

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Son of Tony is listed (or ranked) 31 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Brian De Palma
Son of Tony Enrique Iglesias, Noémie Lenoir, Chazz Palminteri

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Home Movies Kirk Douglas, Nancy Allen, Vincent Gardenia

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Dionysus in '69 William Finley, Joan MacIntosh, Patrick McDermott