The Best Movies Directed by Charlie Chaplin  

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List of all movies directed by Charlie Chaplin ranked from best to worst with photos. Films directed by Charlie Chaplin are listed here and include movie posters and Charlie Chaplin movie trailers whenever possible. This is a collection of the best movies directed by Charlie Chaplin as voted on by film buffs. If you think the greatest Charlie Chaplin movie isn't as high as it should be on this list, then make sure to vote so that your opinion of what the top Charlie Chaplin film is can be factored into this list.

From Charlie Chaplin's studio films to Charlie Chaplin's independent films, this Charlie Chaplin filmography keeps tabs on all Charlie Chaplin movies, and lets the cream of the crop rise to the top.

List includes City Lights, Modern Times and more.

If you’re wondering “what movies did Charlie Chaplin direct?” or “who is Charlie Chaplin?” then this list will explain how most people know this director. This list also answers questions like “what are the all-time best movies directed by Charlie Chaplin?” and “what's a good selection of good Charlie Chaplin movies?”

If you're wanting to get into Charlie Chaplin films, then this list is a great starting point for at least starting with the most decent Charlie Chaplin works.

All Charlie Chaplin director credits are included. This list of every movie that Charlie Chaplin has directed can be sorted for specific information such as what genre the Charlie Chaplin movie is and which actors starred in the Charlie Chaplin film.

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Robert Downey Jr. and James Stewart both worked on a Charlie Chaplin directed movie, as have many other great actors. Did you have fun voting on this list of Charlie Chaplin movies? You might also want to vote on our lists of the best Fritz Lang and Billy Wilder movies as well.

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Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Edward LeSaint
Modern Times is a 1936 comedy film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin in which his iconic Little Tramp character struggles to survive in the modern, industrialized world. The film is a ...more

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Charlie Chaplin, Jean Harlow, Virginia Cherrill
City Lights is a 1931 American romantic comedy film written by, directed by, and starring Charlie Chaplin. The story follows the misadventures of Chaplin's Tramp as he falls in love with a blind ...more

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Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Billy Gilbert
The Great Dictator is a 1940 American satirical political comedy-drama film starring, written, produced, scored, and directed by Charlie Chaplin, following the tradition of many of his other ...more

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Charlie Chaplin, Lita Grey, Jackie Coogan
The Kid is a 1921 American silent comedy-drama film written by, produced by, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, and features Jackie Coogan as his adopted son and sidekick. This was ...more
The Gold Rush is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain, Georgia Hale
The Gold Rush is a 1925 American silent comedy film written, produced, and directed by Charlie Chaplin. The film also stars Chaplin in his Little Tramp persona, Georgia Hale, Mack Swain, Tom ...more

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Charlie Chaplin, Albert Austin, Stanley Blystone
The Circus is a 1928 silent film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin with Joseph Plunkett as an uncredited writer. The film stars Chaplin, Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy, Harry Crocker, ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Claire Bloom
Limelight is a 1952 comedy-drama film written, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, co-starring Claire Bloom, with an appearance by Buster Keaton. In dance scenes, Bloom is doubled by ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Martha Raye, William Frawley
Monsieur Verdoux is a 1947 black comedy film directed by and starring Charles Chaplin, who plays a bigamist wife killer inspired by serial killer Henri Désiré Landru. The ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, William Gillespie, Eric Campbell
The Immigrant is a 1917 American silent romantic comedy short film. The film stars the Charlie Chaplin Tramp character as an immigrant coming to the United States who is accused of theft on the ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Lloyd Bacon, Bud Jamison
The Tramp is Chaplin's sixth film for Essanay Studios in 1915. Directed by Chaplin, it was the fifth and last film made at Essanay's Niles, California studio. The Tramp marked the beginning of ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Al St. John, Mack Swain
His Prehistoric Past is a 1914 American short silent comedy film, written and directed by Charlie Chaplin, featuring a Chaplin in a stone-age kingdom trying to usurp the crown of King Low-Brow ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Bud Jamison, Wesley Ruggles
Shanghaied is a 1915 American comedy silent film made by Essanay Studios starring Charlie Chaplin.
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Charlie Chaplin, Snub Pollard, Bud Jamison
Police is Charlie Chaplin's 14th film with Essanay Studios and was released in 1916. It was made at the Majestic Studio in Los Angeles. Charlie plays an ex-convict who finds life on the outside ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Slim Summerville, Mack Swain
Caught in the Rain is a 1914 American comedy silent film starring Charlie Chaplin. This film was the first of many movies in which Chaplin both directed and played the lead. The short film was ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Billy Gilbert, Mack Sennett
A Busy Day is a 1914 short film starring Charlie Chaplin and Mack Swain.
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Charlie Chaplin, Wesley Ruggles, Eric Campbell
The Pawnshop was Charlie Chaplin's sixth film for Mutual Film Corporation. Released on October 2, 1916, it stars Chaplin in the role of assistant to the pawnshop owner, played by Henry Bergman. ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Charles Bennett, Helen Carruthers
Recreation is a short comedy film written, directed, and starring Charlie Chaplin. It was released on 13 August 1914.
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Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Leo White
Work is a 1915 silent film starring Charlie Chaplin, and co-starring Edna Purviance, Marta Golden and Charles Inslee. It was filmed at the Majestic Studio in Los Angeles.
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Charlie Chaplin, Mack Sennett, Slim Summerville
The Property Man is a short 1914 American comedy silent film made by Keystone Studios starring Charlie Chaplin.
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Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Charles Murray
Chaplin's only lost film.
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Charlie Chaplin, Ben Turpin, Bud Jamison
A Night Out is a 1915 Charlie Chaplin comedy short. It was Chaplin's first film with Edna Purviance, who would continue as his leading lady for the following eight years. It was also Chaplin's ...more
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Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, Ben Turpin
His New Job is a 1915 American short silent comedy film written by, directed by, and starring Charlie Chaplin. Gloria Swanson appears as an uncredited extra. The title is an inside reference to ...more
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Charlie Chaplin: His Life & Work Charlie Chaplin, Mack Sennett, Lloyd Bacon
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Chaplin: The Collection: Vol. 3
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Charlie Chaplin, Al St. John, Glen Cavender
The New Janitor was the 27th comedy from Keystone Studios to feature Charlie Chaplin. The film is arguably one of his best for the studio, and a precursor to a key Essanay Studios short, The ...more