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List of all movies directed by Martin Scorsese ranked from best to worst with photos. Films directed by Martin Scorsese are listed here and include movie posters and Martin Scorsese movie trailers whenever possible. This is a collection of the best movies directed by Martin Scorsese as voted on by film buffs. If you think the greatest Martin Scorsese movie isn't as high as it should be on this list, then make sure to vote so that your opinion of what the top Martin Scorsese film is can be factored into this list.

From Martin Scorsese's studio films to Martin Scorsese's independent films, this Martin Scorsese filmography keeps tabs on all Martin Scorsese movies, and lets the cream of the crop rise to the top.

This list features movies like Goodfellas and Raging Bull.

If you’re wondering “what movies did Martin Scorsese direct?” or “who is Martin Scorsese?” then this list will explain how most people know this director. This list also answers questions like “what are the all-time best movies directed by Martin Scorsese?” and “what's a good selection of good Martin Scorsese movies?”

If you're wanting to get into Martin Scorsese films, then this list is a great starting point for at least starting with the most decent Martin Scorsese works.

All Martin Scorsese director credits are included. This list of every movie that Martin Scorsese has directed can be sorted for specific information such as what genre the Martin Scorsese movie is and which actors starred in the Martin Scorsese film.

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Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie have both worked on a Martin Scorsese directed movie, as have many other great actors. Did you have fun voting on this list of Martin Scorsese movies? You might also want to vote on our lists of the best Francis Ford Coppola and Ron Howard movies as well.

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Goodfellas is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese
Goodfellas Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Pesci

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Taxi Driver is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese
Taxi Driver Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Martin Scorsese

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Raging Bull is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese
Raging Bull Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Martin Scorsese

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The Departed is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese
The Departed Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Alec Baldwin

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The Wolf of Wall Street is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese
The Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie

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Casino is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese
Casino Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro, James Woods

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Mean Streets Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Harvey Keitel

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Gangs of New York is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese
Gangs of New York Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Liam Neeson

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Shutter Island Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Williams, Mark Ruffalo

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The King of Comedy Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis, Martin Scorsese

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Cape Fear Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange

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The Aviator Kate Beckinsale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwen Stefani

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Hugo Jude Law, Chloë Grace Moretz, Christopher Lee

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After Hours Martin Scorsese, Teri Garr, Catherine O'Hara

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The Last Temptation of Christ David Bowie, Willem Dafoe, Harvey Keitel

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The Color of Money is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese
The Color of Money Tom Cruise, Paul Newman, Martin Scorsese

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The Age of Innocence Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder, Daniel Day-Lewis

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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Jodie Foster, Kris Kristofferson, Laura Dern

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Silence Daniel Day-Lewis, Javier Bardem, Andrew Garfield

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Bringing Out the Dead Nicolas Cage, Queen Latifah, John Goodman

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Who's That Knocking at My Door Martin Scorsese, Harvey Keitel, Merissa Mathes

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The Big Shave Peter Bernuth

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Kundun Sonam Phuntsok, Tenzin Thuthob Tsarong, Gyurme Tethong

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New York Stories Kirsten Dunst, Woody Allen, Nick Nolte

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New York, New York Robert De Niro, Liza Minnelli, Mary Kay Place

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4 7
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Back Home Years Ago: The Real Casino

3 6
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3 6
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Italianamerican Catherine Scorsese, Charles Scorsese

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2 5
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The Key to Reserva Martin Scorsese, Simon Baker, Kelli O'Hara

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Shine a Light Bruce Willis, Benicio del Toro, Michael Gross

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Made in Milan Giorgio Armani

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Public Speaking Fran Lebowitz

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A Letter to Elia Martin Scorsese

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What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?

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Street Scenes Verna Bloom

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The Blues Ali Farka Touré, Ray Charles, Corey Harris

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Boxcar Bertha Martin Scorsese, David Carradine, Barbara Hershey

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Sinatra Leonardo DiCaprio

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