The Best Movies Directed by Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi has pretty much checked off every box in his directorial career. From his humble beginnings working with a skeleton crew and a tiny budget to make The Evil Dead to his reinvention of the superhero film with his Spider-Man trilogy, he's made classics both big and small.

Which leads us to just one question: How do Sam Raimi's films stack up against each other? Do you prefer the ghoulish eccentricity of his Ash saga? (And if so, are you an Evil Dead II stan or is Army of Darkness more your speed?) Did he set a standard even he couldn't top with Spider-Man 2, or did Marvel's playbook bring out the best of him with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

Beyond his small-budget horror movies and his massive-budget superhero epics, he's done everything in between, sardonically mastering the art of the modern neo-noir with A Simple Plan, turning the Old West gunslinger mythos into a bonkers live-action cartoon with The Quick and the Dead, and mapping old-school horror onto a superhero origin story template with Darkman.

He's given us a sports movie (For Love of the Game), a supernatural thriller (The Gift), and even went back to his loopy, gross-out, splattery roots with Drag Me to Hell. But which Sam Raimi movie is the best? List below are each of the films Raimi has directed, including both feature films and shorts.