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List of all movies directed by Woody Allen ranked from best to worst with photos. Films directed by Woody Allen are listed here and include movie posters and Woody Allen movie trailers whenever possible. This is a collection of the best movies directed by Woody Allen as voted on by film buffs. If you think the greatest Woody Allen movie isn't as high as it should be on this list, then make sure to vote so that your opinion of what the top Woody Allen film is can be factored into this list.

From Woody Allen's studio films to Woody Allen's independent films, this Woody Allen filmography keeps tabs on all Woody Allen movies, and lets the cream of the crop rise to the top.

Examples include Annie Hall and Midnight in Paris.

If you’re wondering “what movies did Woody Allen direct?” or “who is Woody Allen?” then this list will explain how most people know this director. This list also answers questions like “what are the all-time best movies directed by Woody Allen?” and “what's a good selection of good Woody Allen movies?”

If you're wanting to get into Woody Allen films, then this list is a great starting point for at least starting with the most decent Woody Allen works.

All Woody Allen director credits are included. This list of every movie that Woody Allen has directed can be sorted for specific information such as what genre the Woody Allen movie is and which actors starred in the Woody Allen film.

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Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio are among the many great actors who have worked on a Woody Allen movie. Do you love films directed by Woody Allen? Check out our lists of the best movies by David Cronenberg and Spike Lee as well.

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Annie Hall Woody Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Christopher Walken

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Manhattan Meryl Streep, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton

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Hannah and Her Sisters Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Woody Allen, Carrie Fisher

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Crimes and Misdemeanors Woody Allen, Daryl Hannah, Mia Farrow

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Midnight in Paris Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hiddleston

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The Purple Rose of Cairo Viggo Mortensen, Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels

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Blue Jasmine Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Louis C.K.

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Match Point Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Emily Mortimer

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Love and Death Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Jessica Harper

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Broadway Danny Rose Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Milton Berle

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Zelig Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Caitlin O'Heaney

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Bullets over Broadway Jennifer Tilly, Mary-Louise Parker, John Cusack

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Radio Days Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Mia Farrow

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Husbands and Wives Liam Neeson, Woody Allen, Juliette Lewis

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Vicky Cristina Barcelona Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem

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Deconstructing Harry Demi Moore, Jennifer Garner, Robin Williams

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Take the Money and Run Woody Allen, Louise Lasser, Lonny Chapman

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Manhattan Murder Mystery Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Anjelica Huston

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Sweet and Lowdown Uma Thurman, Sean Penn, Woody Allen

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Sleeper Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, John Beck

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Mighty Aphrodite Woody Allen, Helena Bonham Carter, Paul Giamatti

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Stardust Memories Sharon Stone, Woody Allen, Charlotte Rampling

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Everyone Says I Love You Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore

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Another Woman Gene Hackman, Mia Farrow, Ian Holm

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Magic in the Moonlight is listed (or ranked) 26 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Woody Allen
santiago-de-orellana added Magic in the Moonlight Emma Stone, Colin Firth, Marcia Gay Harden

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Bananas Sylvester Stallone, Woody Allen, Danny DeVito

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Interiors Diane Keaton, Sam Waterston, Geraldine Page

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A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Mary Steenburgen

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Whatever Works Evan Rachel Wood, Henry Cavill, Larry David

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The Curse of the Jade Scorpion Charlize Theron, Woody Allen, Helen Hunt

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Small Time Crooks Woody Allen, Hugh Grant, Jon Lovitz

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Cafe Society is listed (or ranked) 33 on the list The Best Movies Directed by Woody Allen
ChloeFletcher added Cafe Society

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Alice Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson, Bernadette Peters

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Shadows and Fog Madonna, Jodie Foster, Woody Allen

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To Rome with Love Penélope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Woody Allen

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Melinda and Melinda Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Amanda Peet

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September Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest, Sam Waterston

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Anything Else Christina Ricci, Woody Allen, Danny DeVito

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Hollywood Ending Woody Allen, Debra Messing, Tiffani Thiessen

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Celebrity Charlize Theron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Winona Ryder

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Cassandra's Dream Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell, Hayley Atwell

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New York Stories Kirsten Dunst, Woody Allen, Nick Nolte

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You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins, Freida Pinto

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Scoop Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Jackman, Woody Allen

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Don't Drink the Water Woody Allen, Michael J. Fox, Mayim Bialik

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What's Up, Tiger Lily? Woody Allen, Louise Lasser, John Sebastian

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Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story Woody Allen, Diane Keaton

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Concert For New York City

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Sounds from a Town I Love