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The Dumbest Things Movies And TV Have Us Believe About Our Bodies

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Vote up the misguided body beliefs you've seen on screen most often.

The doctor yelling "All clear!" as he tries to revive a patient who has flatlined by shocking him with a defibrillator. An expectant father rushing around in a panic after his wife's water breaks. Someone getting knocked out cold in a fight. These are all moments that have appeared in countless films and television shows. And it shouldn't come as a big surprise that such scenes are often milked for dramatic or comedic effect.

Which is great. Who doesn't love a big dramatic or funny moment, right? However, these scenes often convey misinformation about a person's body or how to deal with a medical situation. And since research has found that people's beliefs can be heavily influenced by what they see in films and on television, this can leave viewers believing some very dumb - and sometimes dangerous - things when it comes to their bodies.

Below are some examples of the most common misconceptions portrayed in movies and TV shows. Vote up the body cliches you've seen far too often on screen.