Movies and TV Shows Sponsored by the US Government

Movies and TV shows paid for by the US government range from Oscar-winning cinematic classics to modern-day action schlock. They involve everything from real FBI and CIA files to budgets subsidized by government agencies for propaganda purposes. In particular, CIA TV shows are dedicated to making the shadowy intelligence arm of the US military look good, even when news headlines about it aren't always complimentary.

TV series and movies sponsored by the government include everything from '70s procedurals with J. Edgar Hoover providing technical advice to modern political dramas like State of Affairs and Homeland. They almost always involve an exchange of access for a guarantee that the work will make the military or governmental branch in question look good. That's how you get active-duty Navy SEALs appearing in an action film, or authentic tanks and planes used in battle sequences. One hand washes the other, and everyone makes out like bandits.

Below you'll find examples of TV shows and movies that were either directly sponsored or supported in some way by the US government.