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The Best Movies Based on Dean Koontz Books

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American author Dean Koontz may have started his literary career writing science fiction novels, but he quickly moved over to find a home within the horror genre. Hollywood took notice; here are several films based on Dean Koontz books. Now it’s up to you to decide which are the best Dean Koontz movies.

The prolific writer has over a dozen novels that have topped the New York Times Best Seller’s List. His first bestseller, Demon Seed, sold over two million copies in 1977 and turned into a movie just a couple years later. It would be over ten years until one of Koontz’s works hit the silver screen again. In 1988, Watchers starring 1980s star Corey Haim, a science fiction-horror hybrid about a really smart dog, terrified and delighted movie audiences... The story was beloved enough that two more Watchers movies were made.

More recent Dean Koontz films include Odd Thomas (2013) starring Anton Yelchin as a fry cook who is able to see dead people. Ben Affleck (Phantoms), Alicia Silverstone (Hideaway), and Mark Hamill (Watchers Reborn) are just a few other Hollywood stars who have appeared in Koontz screen adaptations. Which Dean Koontz books made into horror movies are your favorites? Let us know by voting up or down in the list below.

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