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Nick Hornby movies always seem to have the perfect blend of comedy and drama. The British novelist has had seven of his books adapted for the big screen. You may have only heard of some of them, but all of his films are worth checking out. Now, it’s up to you to decide which are the best Nick Hornby movies.

The Oscar-nominated writer had his memoir Fever Pitch adapted for the big screen not once but twice. The first time came in 1997, an autobiographical movie made in Britain about a character (based on Hornby) who is totally engrossed with Arsenal Football. Then there’s the second Fever Pitch, the Americanized version that was released in 2005. In that film, Ben (Jimmy Fallon) and Lindsey (Drew Barrymore) fall in love but their relationship is threatened by Ben’s unhealthy obsession with the Boston Red Sox.

Other popular Nick Hornby film adaptations include High Fidelity and About a Boy. Hornby has also served as a screenwriter for most of his adaptations and has gone on to be a successful Hollywood producer. Vote up your favorite movies based on Nick Hornby books.

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About a Boy is based on the novel of the same name. 

About a Boy is a 2002 British-American comedy-drama film co-written and directed by brothers Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz. It is an adaptation of the 1998 novel of the same name by Nick Hornby. The film stars Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette, and Rachel Weisz. The film at times uses double voice-over narration, when the audience hears both Will's and Marcus's thoughts. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Actors Hugh Grant and Toni Collette were nominated for a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award respectively for their performances. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Rachel Weisz, Hugh Grant, Toni Collette, Nicholas Hoult, Natalia Tena, + more

Released: 2002

Directed by: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz

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Fever Pitch (1997) is based on the novel of the same name. 

Fever Pitch is a 1997 film starring Colin Firth based loosely on the book of the same name by Nick Hornby. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Stephen Rea, Ruth Gemmell, Richard Claxton, + more

Released: 1997

Directed by: David Evans

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High Fidelity is based on the novel of the same name. 

High Fidelity is a 2000 American comedy-drama film directed by Stephen Frears and starring John Cusack and Iben Hjejle. The film is based on the 1995 British novel of the same name by Nick Hornby, with the setting moved from London to Chicago and the name of the lead character changed. After seeing the film, Hornby expressed his happiness with John Cusack's performance as Rob Gordon, saying, "At times, it appears to be a film in which John Cusack reads my book". ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Black, John Cusack, Tim Robbins, + more

Released: 2000

Directed by: Stephen Frears

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Fever Pitch (2005) is based on the novel of the same name. 

Fever Pitch is a 2005 Farrelly brothers romantic comedy film starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. It is a remake of a 1997 British film of the same name. Both films are loosely based on the Nick Hornby book of the same name, a best-selling memoir in the United Kingdom. Hornby also wrote the screenplay for the original film, but had no input for the American remake. While both the book and the original 1997 film are about association football, this version, aimed at the U.S. market, is about baseball. Both Fever Pitch films feature dramatic or unexpected sporting victories, the original focusing on Arsenal's last minute League title win in 1989, and the remake on the Boston Red Sox's ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen King, John Olerud, Dennis Eckersley, + more

Released: 2005

Directed by: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly

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