Movies Directed By Chang Cheh

List of all movies directed by Chang Cheh, listed alphabetically. These popular films directed by Chang Cheh include trailers of the movies when available. This collection includes some of the best movies directed by Chang Cheh, so use the list to find some movies you haven't already seen. From Chang Cheh's studio films to Chang Cheh's independent films, this Chang Cheh filmography includes movies from all genres.

List features Kung Fu Theater: Men on the Hour, The Brave Archer 3 and more.

Almost all Chang Cheh director credits are included. If you’re wondering, “What movies did Chang Cheh direct?” or “What is the best Chang Cheh movie?” then this list will answer your questions.

Peter Cushing and Chia Hui Liu both worked on a Chang Cheh directed movie, as have many other great actors.

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  • 2 Champions of Shaolin
    Chiang Sheng, Lo Mang
    • Released: 1982
    • Directed by: Chang Cheh
    2 Champions of Shaolin is a 1980 Shaw Brothers film directed by Chang Cheh. It is one of the Shaolin Temple themed martial arts films and feuds with the Wu Tang Clan starring the Venoms. Rumor mills ...more
  • 7 Man Army
    Alexander Fu Sheng, David Chiang, Ti Lung
    • Released: 1976
    • Directed by: Chang Cheh
    7 Man Army is a 1976 Hong Kong film by director Chang Cheh. The film stars Ti Lung, David Chiang, Alexander Fu, and Chen Kuan-Tai.
  • All Men Are Brothers
    Bolo Yeung, David Chiang, Tetsurō Tamba
    • Released: 1975
    • Directed by: Wu Ma, Chang Cheh
    All Men Are Brothers, also known as Seven Soldiers of Kung Fu, is a 1975 Hong Kong wuxia film based on the Chinese classical novel Water Margin. The film was produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio and ...more
  • Angry Guest
    David Chiang, Ti Lung, Yasuaki Kurata
    • Released: 1972
    • Directed by: Chang Cheh
    Angry Guest or E ke is a 1972 Shaw Brothers film directed by Chang Cheh from Hong Kong, starring David Chiang and Ti Lung, it is a sequel to Duel of Fists.
    • Released: 1983
    • Directed by: Chang Cheh
    Bastard Swordsman, also known as Reincarnate Swordsman, is a 1983 Hong Kong wuxia film produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio.
  • Blood Brothers
    David Chiang, Danny Lee, Miao Ching
    • Released: 1973
    • Directed by: Chang Cheh
    Blood Brothers is a 1973 Shaw Brothers kung fu film directed by Chang Cheh, with action choreography by Lau Kar Leung, and starring David Chiang and Ti Lung. It was released as Chinese Vengeance in ...more