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Movies Directed By Kenneth Branagh

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List of all movies directed by Kenneth Branagh, listed alphabetically. These popular films directed by Kenneth Branagh include trailers of the movies when available. This collection includes some of the best movies directed by Kenneth Branagh, so use the list to find some movies you haven't already seen. From Kenneth Branagh's studio films to Kenneth Branagh's independent films, this Kenneth Branagh filmography includes movies from all genres.

List movies range from Thor to Hamlet.

Almost all Kenneth Branagh director credits are included. If you’re wondering, “What movies did Kenneth Branagh direct?” or “What is the best Kenneth Branagh movie?” then this list will answer your questions.


  • In the Bleak Midwinter1

    In the Bleak Midwinter

    Joan Collins, Richard Briers


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    In the Bleak Midwinter is a 1995 British romantic comedy written and directed by Kenneth... more on Wikipedia
  • As You Like It2

    As You Like It

    Bryce Dallas Howard, Kevin Kline


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    As You Like It is a 2006 film adapted for the screen and directed by Kenneth Branagh, based on... more on Wikipedia

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  • Dead Again3

    Dead Again

    Robin Williams, Emma Thompson


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    This film is a 1991 psychological thriller/neo-noir written by Scott Frank and directed by... more on Wikipedia

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  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein4

    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Robert De Niro, Helena Bonham Carter


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a 1994 American horror film directed by Kenneth Branagh and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Hamlet5


    Kate Winslet, Robin Williams


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Hamlet is a 1996 Shakespearean tragedy film adaptation of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet,... more on Wikipedia
  • Henry V6

    Henry V

    Christian Bale, Emma Thompson


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Henry V is a 1989 British drama film adapted for the screen and directed by Kenneth Branagh,... more on Wikipedia

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  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit7

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

    Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a 2014 American action thriller film, directed by Kenneth... more on Wikipedia

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  • Listening8


    Paul McGann, Frances Barber


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Listening is a 2003 short film written and directed by Kenneth Branagh, starring Frances... more on Wikipedia
  • Love's Labour's Lost9

    Love's Labour's Lost

    Alicia Silverstone, Kenneth Branagh


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Love's Labour's Lost is a 2000 adaptation of the comic play of the same name by William... more on Wikipedia
  • Much Ado About Nothing10

    Much Ado About Nothing

    Kate Beckinsale, Denzel Washington


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Much Ado About Nothing is a 1993 British/American romantic comedy film based on William... more on Wikipedia

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  • Peter's Friends11

    Peter's Friends

    Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Peter's Friends is a 1992 British comedy film written by Rita Rudner and her husband Martin... more on Wikipedia
  • Sleuth12


    Jude Law, Michael Caine


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Sleuth is a 2007 thriller film directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Jude Law and Michael... more on Wikipedia

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  • 13

    Swan Song

    John Gielgud, Richard Briers


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Swan Song is a 1992 short film directed by Kenneth Branagh and adapted for the screen by Hugh... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button
  • The Magic Flute14

    The Magic Flute

    Liz Smith, Francisco Bosch


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    The Magic Flute is Kenneth Branagh's English-language film version of Wolfgang Amadeus... more on Wikipedia
  • Thor15


    Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman


    Directed byKenneth Branagh

    Thor is a 2011 American superhero film directed by Kenneth Branagh, based on the Marvel Comics... more on Wikipedia

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  • Twelfth Night16

    Twelfth Night

    Richard Briers, Frances Barber


    Directed byKenneth Branagh, Paul Kafno

    Twelfth Night, or, What You Will is a videotaped 1988 television adaptation of Kenneth... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button