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List of all movies directed by Kim Ji-Woon, listed alphabetically. These popular films directed by Kim Ji-Woon include trailers of the movies when available. This collection includes some of the best movies directed by Kim Ji-Woon, so use the list to find some movies you haven't already seen. From Kim Ji-Woon's studio films to Kim Ji-Woon's independent films, this Kim Ji-Woon filmography includes movies from all genres.

This is a list that features movies like The Last Stand and Doomsday Book.

Almost all Kim Ji-Woon director credits are included. If you’re wondering, “What movies did Kim Ji-Woon direct?” or “What is the best Kim Ji-Woon movie?” then this list will answer your questions.

Kim Jee-woon has had the pleasure of working with tremendous talent, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Forest Whitaker.

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A Bittersweet Life Shin Min-a, Lee Byung-hun, Oh Dal-su

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A Tale of Two Sisters Moon Geun-young, Im Soo-jung, Yum Jung-ah

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Coming Out Shin Ha-kyun, Hee-jin Woo, Won-hui Lim

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Doomsday Book Bae Doona, Bong Joon-ho, Jo Yoon-hee

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I Saw the Devil Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-sik, Cheon Ho-Jin

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One Perfect Day Park Shin-hye, Yoon Kye-sang, An Nae-sang

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Present Jung Woo-sung, Kim A-joong, Yeom Woo Sang

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The Foul King Song Kang-Ho, Jang Jin-young, Jang Hang-seon

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The Good, the Bad, the Weird Lee Byung-hun, Jung Woo-sung, Song Kang-Ho

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The Last Stand Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jaimie Alexander, Forest Whitaker

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The Quiet Family Song Kang-Ho, Choi Cheol-ho, Choi Min-sik

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Three Kim Hye-soo, Eric Tsang, Leon Lai