Movies Distributed by Hollywood Pictures

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List of Hollywood Pictures movies, listed alphabetically. Famous and notable films distributed by Hollywood Pictures are listed below, along with release information. The Hollywood Pictures films on this list contain movie trailers when available that you can view within this page. If the film was distributed by Hollywood Pictures, then it is on this list. Every film on this list wasn't produced by the distribution house of Hollywood Pictures, but only distributed. Although some places do both, this list is only a list of movies distributed by Hollywood Pictures. You can view additional information about these movies, such as who directed them and who starred in the film.

This list has a variety of items in it, from The Sixth Sense to Tombstone. (117 items)
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Dir. by Joshua Brand (1995), starring Erika Eleniak, John Leguizamo & William Baldwin
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Dir. by Sidney Lumet (1992), starring Melanie Griffith, James Gandolfini & Mia Sara
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Dir. by Arthur Hiller (1997), starring Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg & Naomi Campbell

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Dir. by Anthony Waller (1997), starring Julie Bowen, Julie Delpy & Tom Everett Scott

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Dir. by Martha Coolidge (1994), starring Geena Davis, James Gandolfini & Margaret Cho
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Dir. by Frank Marshall (1990), starring John Goodman, Brandy Norwood & Jeff Daniels

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Dir. by Patrick Hasburgh (1993), starring David Boreanaz, Teri Polo & Peter Berg

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Dir. by Barbet Schroeder (1996), starring Meryl Streep, Liam Neeson & Edward Furlong

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Dir. by Mark Herman (1992), starring Dudley Moore, Patsy Kensit & Richard Griffiths
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Dir. by Luis Mandoki (1993), starring John Goodman, Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson

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Dir. by Taylor Hackford (1993), starring Billy Bob Thornton, Ving Rhames & Benjamin Bratt

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Dir. by Richard Linklater (2014), starring Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette & Ellar Coltrane

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Dir. by Alan Rudolph (1999), starring Bruce Willis, Nick Nolte & Owen Wilson
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Dir. by Jonathan Prince (1994), starring Jessica Alba, Christopher Lloyd & Burgess Meredith
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Dir. by Tom DeCerchio (1996), starring Larry Bird, Deion Sanders & Dan Aykroyd
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Dir. by Richard Rush (1994), starring Bruce Willis, Lesley Ann Warren & Brad Dourif

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Dir. by Alan J. Pakula (1992), starring Kevin Spacey, Kevin Kline & Forest Whitaker
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Dir. by Tony Scott (1995), starring Denzel Washington, Viggo Mortensen & Gene Hackman

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Dir. by John N. Smith (1995), starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Andy Garcia & Paula Garc├ęs

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Dead Presidents is listed (or ranked) 20 on the list Movies Distributed by Hollywood Pictures
Dir. by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes (1995), starring Martin Sheen, Terrence Howard & Chris Tucker

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Dir. by Woody Allen (1997), starring Demi Moore, Jennifer Garner & Robin Williams

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Dir. by Stephen Sommers (1998), starring Famke Janssen, Djimon Hounsou & Jason Flemyng
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Dir. by Bruce Paltrow (2000), starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Giamatti & Maria Bello
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Dir. by Steve Rash (1996), starring Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman & Whoopi Goldberg
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Dir. by Prachya Pinkaew (2011), starring Kevin Bacon, Djimon Hounsou & David Firestar