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Movies Distributed by New World Pictures

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List of New World Pictures movies, listed alphabetically. Famous and notable films distributed by New World Pictures are listed below, along with release information. The New World Pictures films on this list contain movie trailers when available that you can view within this page. If the film was distributed by New World Pictures, then it is on this list. Every film on this list wasn't produced by the distribution house of New World Pictures, but only distributed. Although some places do both, this list is only a list of movies distributed by New World Pictures. You can view additional information about these movies, such as who directed them and who starred in the film.

A factual list, featuring items like The Punisher and Hellraiser. {#nodes}
  • '68


    Bernard Shakey, Jan Němec


    Directed bySteven Kovacs

    '68 is a 1988 film directed by Steven Kovacs. The film follows a full year of a Hungarian... more on Wikipedia


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  • 18 Again!

    18 Again!

    Pauly Shore, George Burns


    Directed byPaul Flaherty

    18 Again! is a 1988 comedy film starring George Burns and Charlie Schlatter. The plot involves... more on Wikipedia

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  • A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich

    A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich

    Cicely Tyson, Paul Winfield


    Directed byRalph Nelson

    A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich is a 1978 film directed by Ralph Nelson. The screenplay... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button
  • A Little Night Music

    A Little Night Music

    Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Rigg


    Directed byHarold Prince

    A Little Night Music is a 1977 film adaptation of the musical A Little Night Music. It stars... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button
  • Amarcord


    Ciccio Ingrassia, Magali Noël


    Directed byFederico Fellini

    Amarcord is a 1973 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Federico Fellini, a... more on Wikipedia

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  • Android


    Klaus Kinski, Norbert Weisser


    Directed byAaron Lipstadt

    Android is a 1982 science fiction film directed by Aaron Lipstadt and starring Don Keith Opper... more on Wikipedia
  • Angel


    Dick Shawn, Rory Calhoun


    Directed byRobert Vincent O'Neill

    Angel is a 1984 film directed by Robert Vincent O'Neill, and written by O'Neill with Joseph... more on Wikipedia

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  • Angels Die Hard

    Angels Die Hard

    Tom Baker, William Smith


    Directed byRichard Compton

    Angels Die Hard is a 1970 biker film. The first film distributed by New World Pictures, half... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button
  • Angels Hard as They Come

    Angels Hard as They Come

    Gary Busey, Scott Glenn


    Directed byJoe Viola

    Angels Hard as They Come is a 1971 biker film produced by Jonathan Demme.
  • Appointment with Fear

    Appointment with Fear

    Pamela Bach, Michele Little


    Directed byRamsey Thomas

    Appointment with Fear, also known as Deadly Presence, is a 1985 American film directed by... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button
  • Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata

    Ingrid Bergman, Liv Ullmann


    Directed byIngmar Bergman

    Autumn Sonata is a 1978 Swedish drama film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman, starring... more on Wikipedia
  • Avalanche


    Mia Farrow, Rock Hudson


    Directed byCorey Allen

    Avalanche is a 1978 American disaster film, directed by Corey Allen and starring Rock Hudson,... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button

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  • Bad


    Carroll Baker, Cyrinda Foxe


    Directed byJed Johnson

    Andy Warhol's Bad is a 1977 comedy film, directed by Jed Johnson, starring Carroll Baker,... more on Wikipedia
  • Bad Manners

    Bad Manners

    Karen Black, Martin Mull


    Directed byRobert Houston

    Growing Pains is a 1984 American black comedy teen film released by New World Pictures.... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button
  • Battle Beyond the Stars

    Battle Beyond the Stars

    Kathy Griffin, George Peppard


    Directed byJimmy T. Murakami

    Battle Beyond the Stars is an American 1980 science fiction film directed by Jimmy T. Murakami... more on Wikipedia

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  • Beast of the Yellow Night

    Beast of the Yellow Night

    Eddie Garcia, John Ashley


    Directed byEddie Romero

    Beast of the Yellow Night is a 1971 Filipino and American horror film directed by Eddie... more on Wikipedia
  • Big Bad Mama

    Big Bad Mama

    William Shatner, Angie Dickinson


    Directed bySteve Carver

    Big Bad Mama is a 1974 American film produced by Roger Corman, starring Angie Dickinson,... more on Wikipedia
  • Black Moon Rising

    Black Moon Rising

    Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton


    Directed byHarley Cokeliss

    Black Moon Rising is an action motion picture made in 1986 directed by Harley Cokeliss,... more on Wikipedia

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  • Body Rock

    Body Rock

    Lorenzo Lamas, Ray Sharkey


    Directed byMarcelo Epstein

    Body Rock is a 1984 film directed by Marcelo Epstein about a young man "from the streets" with... more on Wikipedia

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  • Bone


    Yaphet Kotto, Brett Somers


    Directed byLarry Cohen

    Bone, also known as Beverly Hills Nightmare, Dial Rat for Terror and Housewife, is a 1972... more on Wikipedia
  • Breaker Morant

    Breaker Morant

    Edward Woodward, Bryan Brown


    Directed byBruce Beresford

    Breaker Morant is a 1980 Australian film about the 1902 court martial of Breaker Morant,... more on Wikipedia
  • Burke & Hare

    Burke & Hare

    Harry Andrews, Yutte Stensgaard


    Directed byVernon Sewell

    Burke & Hare, sometimes called Burke and Hare or The Horrors of Burke and Hare, is a 1971... more on Wikipedia
  • Bury Me An Angel

    Bury Me An Angel

    Dixie Peabody, Terry Mace


    Directed byBarbara Peeters

    Bury Me An Angel is a 1972 film directed by Barbara Peeters. Biker film told from the woman's... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button
  • Buy & Cell

    Buy & Cell

    Malcolm McDowell, Imogene Coca


    Directed byRobert Boris

    Buy & Cell is a 1987 comedy film directed by Robert Boris. The original music score was... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button
  • C.H.U.D.


    John Goodman, Daniel Stern


    Directed byDouglas Cheek

    C.H.U.D. is a 1984 American horror film produced by Andrew Bonime, and directed by Douglas... more on Wikipedia

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