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Movies Distributed by Touchstone Pictures

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List of Touchstone Pictures movies, listed alphabetically. Famous and notable films distributed by Touchstone Pictures are listed below, along with release information. The Touchstone Pictures films on this list contain movie trailers when available that you can view within this page. If the film was distributed by Touchstone Pictures, then it is on this list. Every film on this list wasn't produced by the distribution house of Touchstone Pictures, but only distributed. Although some places do both, this list is only a list of movies distributed by Touchstone Pictures. You can view additional information about these movies, such as who directed them and who starred in the film.

Examples of items on this list include Gangs of New York and Armageddon. {#nodes}
  • Basil


    Jared Leto, Claire Forlani


    Directed byRadha Bharadwaj

    Basil is a 1998 British historical drama film directed by Radha Bharadwaj and starring... more on Wikipedia
  • Beaches


    Bette Midler, Mayim Bialik


    Directed byGarry Marshall

    Beaches, is a 1988 American comedy-drama film adapted by Mary Agnes Donoghue from the Iris... more on Wikipedia

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  • Beloved


    Oprah Winfrey, Thandie Newton


    Directed byJonathan Demme

    Beloved is a 1998 American horror-drama film based on Toni Morrison's 1987 novel of the same... more on Wikipedia

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  • Betsy's Wedding

    Betsy's Wedding

    Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Pesci


    Directed byAlan Alda

    Betsy's Wedding is a 1990 American romantic-comedy film written, directed by and starring Alan... more on Wikipedia
  • Bicentennial Man

    Bicentennial Man

    Robin Williams, Sam Neill


    Directed byChris Columbus

    Bicentennial Man is a 1999 American science fiction family comedy-drama film starring Robin... more on Wikipedia

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  • Big Business

    Big Business

    Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin


    Directed byJim Abrahams

    Big Business is a 1988 American comedy film farce starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin. The... more on Wikipedia

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  • Big Trouble

    Big Trouble

    Zooey Deschanel, Sofía Vergara


    Directed byBarry Sonnenfeld

    Big Trouble is a 2002 American comedy film based on the novel Big Trouble by Dave Barry. It... more on Wikipedia
  • Billy Bathgate

    Billy Bathgate

    Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis


    Directed byRobert Benton

    Billy Bathgate is a 1991 American gangster film directed by Robert Benton, starring Loren Dean... more on Wikipedia
  • Blaze


    Paul Newman, Richard Jenkins


    Directed byRon Shelton

    Blaze is a 1989 film written and directed by Ron Shelton. Based on the 1974 memoir Blaze... more on Wikipedia
  • Bob: The Musical
  • Boys


    Winona Ryder, John C. Reilly


    Directed byStacy Cochran

    Boys is a 1996 American film starring Winona Ryder and Lukas Haas. The film was originally... more on Wikipedia

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  • Bringing Down the House

    Bringing Down the House

    Betty White, Queen Latifah


    Directed byAdam Shankman

    Bringing Down the House is a 2003 American comedy film written by Jason Filardi and directed... more on Wikipedia

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  • Bringing Out the Dead

    Bringing Out the Dead

    Nicolas Cage, Queen Latifah


    Directed byMartin Scorsese

    This film is a 1999 American drama film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Paul... more on Wikipedia
  • Bruce Almighty

    Bruce Almighty

    Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey


    Directed byTom Shadyac

    Bruce Almighty is a 2003 American religious comedy-drama film directed by Tom Shadyac, written... more on Wikipedia

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  • Bubble Boy

    Bubble Boy

    Stacy Keibler, Jake Gyllenhaal


    Directed byBlair Hayes

    Bubble Boy is a 2001 comedy film directed by Blair Hayes and stars Jake Gyllenhaal in the... more on Wikipedia

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  • Cabin Boy

    Cabin Boy

    David Letterman, Alfred Molina


    Directed byAdam Resnick

    Cabin Boy is a 1994 fantasy comedy film directed by Adam Resnick and co-produced by Tim... more on Wikipedia

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  • Calendar Girls

    Calendar Girls

    Helen Mirren, Jay Leno


    Directed byNigel Cole

    Calendar Girls is a 2003 comedy film directed by Nigel Cole. Produced by Buena Vista... more on Wikipedia

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  • Can't Buy Me Love

    Can't Buy Me Love

    Paula Abdul, Patrick Dempsey


    Directed bySteve Rash

    Can't Buy Me Love is a 1987 teen comedy feature film starring Patrick Dempsey and Amanda... more on Wikipedia

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  • Captain Ron

    Captain Ron

    Kurt Russell, Roselyn Sánchez


    Directed byThom Eberhardt

    Captain Ron is a 1992 American comedy film directed by Thom Eberhardt, produced by David... more on Wikipedia

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  • Carancho


    Ricardo Darín, Pablo Trapero


    Directed byPablo Trapero

    Carancho is a 2010 Argentine crime film directed by Pablo Trapero and starring Ricardo Darín... more on Wikipedia
  • Casanova


    Sienna Miller, Heath Ledger


    Directed byLasse Hallström

    Casanova is a 2005 American romantic film directed by Lasse Hallström starring Heath Ledger... more on Wikipedia

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  • Cinderella Man

    Cinderella Man

    Russell Crowe, Renée Zellweger


    Directed byRon Howard

    Cinderella Man is a 2005 American drama film by Ron Howard, titled after the nickname of... more on Wikipedia

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  • Cocktail


    Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Shue


    Directed byRoger Donaldson

    Cocktail is a 1988 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Roger Donaldson and written... more on Wikipedia

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  • Cold Creek Manor

    Cold Creek Manor

    Kristen Stewart, Sharon Stone


    Directed byMike Figgis

    Cold Creek Manor is a 2003 American psychological thriller film directed by Mike Figgis. The... more on Wikipedia
  • Con Air

    Con Air

    Nicolas Cage, John Malkovich


    Directed bySimon West

    Con Air is a 1997 American action film directed by Simon West and produced by Jerry... more on Wikipedia

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