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Movies Distributed by Warner Home Video

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List of Warner Home Video movies. Famous and notable films distributed by Warner Home Video are listed below, along with release information. Warner Home Video films are listed below with Warner Home Video movie posters when available. If the film was distributed by Warner Home Video, then it is on this list. Every film on this list wasn't produced by the distribution house of Warner Home Video, but only distributed. Although some places do both, this list is only a list of movies distributed by Warner Home Video. Movies list can be sorted by any column. This list has everything from Young Tom Edison to Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase. {#nodes}
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    Arthur C. Clarke, Leonard Rossiter


    Directed byStanley Kubrick

    2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 epic science fiction film produced and directed by Stanley...  more

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  • 2046


    Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li


    Directed byWong Kar-wai

    2046 is a 2004 Hong Kong-Chinese film written and directed by Wong Kar-wai. It is a loose...  more

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  • 9½ Weeks

    9½ Weeks

    Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger


    Directed byAdrian Lyne

    9½ Weeks is an 1986 romantic drama film directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Kim Basinger...  more

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  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


    Directed byBill Melendez, Phil Roman

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the tenth prime-time animated TV special based upon the...  more

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  • A Cinderella Story

    A Cinderella Story

    Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge


    Directed byMark Rosman

    A Cinderella Story is a 2004 American teen romantic comedy film. The film stars Hilary Duff,...  more

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  • A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song


    Directed byDamon Santostefano

    A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song is a 2011 teen romantic comedy musical film, directed by...  more
  • A Cosmic Christmas

    A Cosmic Christmas

    Chris Wiggins, Duncan Regehr


    Directed byClive A. Smith

    A Cosmic Christmas is the first television special produced by the Canadian animation company,...  more
  • A French Mistress

    A French Mistress

    Michael Crawford, James Robertson Justice


    Directed byJohn Boulting, Roy Boulting

    A French Mistress is a 1960 British comedy film directed by Roy Boulting and starring Cecil...  more
  • A Scanner Darkly

    A Scanner Darkly

    Robert Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves


    Directed byRichard Linklater

    A Scanner Darkly is a 2006 American animated science fiction thriller film directed by Richard...  more

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  • A Troll in Central Park

    A Troll in Central Park

    Cloris Leachman, Dom DeLuise


    Directed byDon Bluth, Gary Goldman

    A Troll in Central Park is a 1994 American animated musical fantasy-comedy film directed by...  more
  • A Walk to Remember

    A Walk to Remember

    Shane West, Mandy Moore


    Directed byAdam Shankman

    A Walk to Remember is a 2002 American coming-of-age romantic tragedy film directed by Adam...  more

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  • Ace Ventura, Jr.: Pet Detective

    Ace Ventura, Jr.: Pet Detective

    Ralph Waite, Aubrey Peeples


    Directed bySteve Oedekerk, David M. Evans

    Ace Ventura, Jr.: Pet Detective is a 2009 telefilm, and the third installment in the Ace...  more
  • Addams Family Reunion

    Addams Family Reunion

    Tim Curry, Daryl Hannah


    Directed byDave Payne

    Addams Family Reunion is a 1998 film based on The Addams Family television series. While...  more
  • Alex & Emma

    Alex & Emma

    Kate Hudson, Sophie Marceau


    Directed byRob Reiner

    Alex & Emma is a 2003 American romantic comedy directed by Rob Reiner and starring Kate Hudson...  more
  • Alien Raiders

    Alien Raiders

    Courtney Ford, Rockmond Dunbar


    Directed byBen Rock

    Alien Raiders is a 2008 film directed by Ben Rock....  more
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven

    All Dogs Go to Heaven

    Loni Anderson, Dom DeLuise


    Directed byDon Bluth, Gary Goldman, Dan Kuenster

    All Dogs Go to Heaven is a 1989 American–Irish animated musical adventure comedy film directed...  more

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  • All-Star Superman

    All-Star Superman

    Christina Hendricks, Ed Asner


    Directed bySam Liu

    All-Star Superman is a direct-to-video animated superhero film based on the acclaimed comic...  more
  • Almost Unplugged

    Almost Unplugged is the 2008 live album by Europe....  more
  • Aloha, Scooby-Doo!

    Aloha, Scooby-Doo!

    Tia Carrere, Mario Lopez


    Directed byTim Maltby

    Aloha, Scooby-Doo is the eighth of a series of direct-to-video animated films based upon the...  more
  • An Easter Carol

    An Easter Carol

    Rebecca St. James, Phil Vischer


    Directed byTim Hodge

    Continuing where _Star of Christmas, The (2002)_ left off, this story follows Millward (Larry...  more
  • Anchors Aweigh

    Anchors Aweigh

    Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly


    Directed byGeorge Sidney

    Anchors Aweigh is a 1945 American Technicolor musical comedy film directed by George Sidney...  more
  • Animalympics


    Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner


    Directed bySteven Lisberger

    Animalympics is a 1980 animated film produced by Lisberger Studios and released by Warner...  more

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  • Another Cinderella Story

    Another Cinderella Story

    Selena Gomez, Jane Lynch


    Directed byDamon Santostefano

    Another Cinderella Story is a 2008 teen romantic comedy musical dance film directed by Damon...  more

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  • Asterix and the Vikings

    Asterix and the Vikings

    Evan Rachel Wood, Paul Giamatti

    Directed byStefan Fjeldmark, Jesper Möller

    Asterix and the Vikings is a 2006 French animated feature film, produced in France and...  more
  • Babar: King of the Elephants

    Babar: King of the Elephants

    Chris Wiggins, Janet-Laine Green


    Directed byRaymond Jafelice

    Babar: King of the Elephants is a 1998 animated film made by Nelvana Limited and released in...  more

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