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Famous Movies Filmed in France

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List RulesThe movies below must have at least one major scene that was filmed in France

List of movies that were filmed in France, including trailers of the films when available. France has a lot of famous landmarks and beautiful landscapes, making it a great location to film movies in. This list of famous movies shot in France is listed by popularity, so the movie names at the top of the list are the most well-known. This isn't necessarily a list of all movies shot in France, so if you notice an important film is missing then feel free to add it at the bottom of this list.

List is made up of a variety of movies, including Intimate Strangers and The Sucker.

If you're trying to answer the questions, "What films were shot in France?" and "Which famous movies were filmed in France?" then you'e in the right place.

Both big studio and independent films that were filmed in France are included below, as well as all genres including horror, action, comedy and more.
  • 1


    Audrey Tautou, Spencer Tracy


    Directed byJean-Pierre Jeunet

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  • 2

    An American in Paris

    Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron


    Directed byVincente Minnelli

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  • 3

    Midnight in Paris

    Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard


    Directed byWoody Allen

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  • 4


    Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant


    Directed byStanley Donen

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  • 5


    Robert De Niro, Sean Bean


    Directed byJohn Frankenheimer

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  • 6


    Jean Seberg, Jean-Luc Godard


    Directed byJean-Luc Godard

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  • 7

    Mr. Bean's Holiday

    Willem Dafoe, Rowan Atkinson


    Directed bySteve Bendelack

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  • 8

    The Tourist

    Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp


    Directed byFlorian Henckel von Donnersmarck

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  • 9

    Paris, je t'aime

    Natalie Portman, Willem Dafoe


    Directed byTom Tykwer, Gus Van Sant, Olivier Assayas, Christopher Doyle, Ethan Coen

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  • 10

    Passport to Paris

    Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen


    Directed byAlan Metter

  • 11

    La Jetée

    William Klein, Etienne Becker


    Directed byChris Marker

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  • 12


    Charles Perrière, Malik Diouf


    Directed byAriel Zeitoun, Julien Seri

  • 13

    The Dinner Game

    Alexandra Vandernoot, Jacques Villeret


    Directed byFrancis Veber

  • 14

    Paris When It Sizzles

    Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra


    Directed byRichard Quine

  • 15

    Band of Outsiders

    Jean-Luc Godard, Anna Karina


    Directed byJean-Luc Godard

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  • 16

    Read my Lips

    Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Devos


    Directed byJacques Audiard

  • 17

    The Lovers on the Bridge

    Juliette Binoche, Denis Lavant


    Directed byLeos Carax

  • 18

    The Young Girls of Rochefort

    Catherine Deneuve, Gene Kelly


    Directed byJacques Demy

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  • 19

    I've Loved You So Long

    Kristin Scott Thomas, Elsa Zylberstein


    Directed byPhilippe Claudel

  • 20

    Since Otar Left

    Dinara Drukarova, Esther Gorintin


    Directed byJulie Bertucelli

  • 21


    Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathy Bates


    Directed byStephen Frears

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  • 22

    Intimate Strangers

    Sandrine Bonnaire, Gilbert Melki


    Directed byPatrice Leconte

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  • 23

    Avenue Montaigne

    Sydney Pollack, Laura Morante


    Directed byDaniele Thompson

  • 24

    The Man in the Hat

    Ciarán Hinds, Stephen Dillane


    Directed byJohn-Paul Davidson, Stephen Warbeck

  • 25

    La Soufrière

    Werner Herzog


    Directed byWerner Herzog