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Famous Movies Filmed in Illinois

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List RulesThe movies below must have at least one major scene that was filmed in Illinois

List of movies that were filmed in Illinois, including trailers of the films when available. Illinois has a lot of famous landmarks and beautiful landscapes, making it a great location to film movies in. This list of famous movies shot in Illinois is listed by popularity, so the movie names at the top of the list are the most well-known. This isn't necessarily a list of all movies shot in Illinois, so if you notice an important film is missing then feel free to add it at the bottom of this list.

List features Derailed, American Gun and more movies.

If you're trying to answer the questions, "What films were shot in Illinois?" and "Which famous movies were filmed in Illinois?" then you'e in the right place.

Both big studio and independent films that were filmed in Illinois are included below, as well as all genres including horror, action, comedy and more.
  • 1

    The Dark Knight

    Christian Bale, Michael Caine

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    Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Set Of 'The Dark Knight'#13 of 16 Movie 'Heroes' Who Were Actually Villains The Whole Time

  • 2

    Batman Begins

    Christian Bale, Michael Caine

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    Small Details From 'Batman Begins' That Prove It's The Most Slept On Nolan Film#54 of 549 The Greatest Epic Movies Ever Made

  • 3

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Charlie Sheen, Matthew Broderick

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    Behind The Scenes Of The Famous Parade Scene In 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'#10 of 60 The Best Movies to Curl Up And Watch When You're Sick

  • 4

    Man of Steel

    Henry Cavill, Amy Adams

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  • 5

    The Blues Brothers

    Carrie Fisher, Aretha Franklin

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  • 6

    The Breakfast Club

    Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald

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  • 7

    Groundhog Day

    Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell

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  • 8

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Shia LaBeouf

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  • 9

    Home Alone

    Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci

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  • 10

    Sixteen Candles

    John Cusack, Molly Ringwald

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  • 11

    The Sting

    Paul Newman, Robert Redford

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  • 12

    A League of Their Own

    Madonna, Tom Hanks

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  • 13

    The Untouchables

    Robert De Niro, Sean Connery

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  • 14

    Road to Perdition

    Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig

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  • 15

    Pretty in Pink

    James Spader, Gina Gershon

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  • 16

    Weird Science

    Robert Downey Jr., Kelly LeBrock

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  • 17

    The Fugitive

    Julianne Moore, Harrison Ford

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  • 18


    Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lucy Liu

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  • 19

    Risky Business

    Tom Cruise, Megan Mullally

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  • 20

    High Fidelity

    Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Springsteen

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  • 21

    Ordinary People

    Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland

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  • 22

    My Best Friend's Wedding

    Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney

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    My Best Friend's Wedding Is The Most Twisted, Screwed Up Rom-Com Ever Made#34 of 781 The Greatest Chick Flicks Ever Made

  • 23

    I, Robot

    Will Smith, Shia LaBeouf

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  • 24

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Nia Vardalos, Andrea Martin

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  • 25

    The Color of Money

    Tom Cruise, Paul Newman

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