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Famous Movies Filmed in New Orleans

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List RulesThe movies below must have at least one major scene that was filmed in New Orleans

List of movies that were filmed in New Orleans, including trailers of the films when available. New Orleans has a lot of famous landmarks and beautiful landscapes, making it a great location to film movies in. This list of famous movies shot in New Orleans is listed by popularity, so the movie names at the top of the list are the most well-known. This isn't necessarily a list of all movies shot in New Orleans, so if you notice an important film is missing then feel free to add it at the bottom of this list.

This list below has a variety of movies, like Panic in the Streets and Jezebel, in it.

If you're trying to answer the questions, "What films were shot in New Orleans?" and "Which famous movies were filmed in New Orleans?" then you'e in the right place.

Both big studio and independent films that were filmed in New Orleans are included below, as well as all genres including horror, action, comedy and more.
  • 1
    Gone with the Wind

    Gone with the Wind

    Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh


    Directed bySam Wood, George Cukor, Victor Fleming

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  • 2
    Meet the Spartans

    Meet the Spartans

    Carmen Electra, Method Man


    Directed byAaron Seltzer, Jason Friedberg

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  • 3
    Easy Rider: The Ride Back

    Easy Rider: The Ride Back

    Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper


    Directed byDennis Hopper, Dustin Rikert

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  • 4
    Stay Alive

    Stay Alive

    Sophia Bush, Frankie Muniz


    Directed byWilliam Brent Bell


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  • 5
    Miller's Crossing

    Miller's Crossing

    Steve Buscemi, Frances McDormand


    Directed byEthan Coen, Joel Coen

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  • 6
    Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart

    Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe


    Directed byDavid Lynch

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  • 7
    Hard Target

    Hard Target

    Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lance Henriksen


    Directed byJohn Woo

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  • 8
    Down by Law

    Down by Law

    Tom Waits, Ellen Barkin


    Directed byJim Jarmusch

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  • 9
    Runaway Jury

    Runaway Jury

    Rachel Weisz, Dustin Hoffman


    Directed byGary Fleder

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  • 10


    Bette Davis, Henry Fonda


    Directed byWilliam Wyler

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  • 11
    The Skeleton Key

    The Skeleton Key

    Kate Hudson, John Hurt


    Directed byIain Softley

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  • 12
    Panic in the Streets

    Panic in the Streets

    Jack Palance, Richard Widmark


    Directed byElia Kazan

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  • 13
    Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans


    Directed byWerner Herzog

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  • 14
    Mr. 3000

    Mr. 3000

    Carmen Electra, Jay Leno


    Directed byCharles Stone III

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  • 15
    Pretty Baby

    Pretty Baby

    Brooke Shields, Susan Sarandon


    Directed byLouis Malle

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  • 16
    The Cincinnati Kid

    The Cincinnati Kid

    Ann-Margret, Steve McQueen


    Directed byNorman Jewison

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  • 17


    Nicolas Cage, Marisa Tomei


    Directed bySam Pillsbury

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  • 18
    Belle of the Nineties


    Directed byLeo McCarey

  • 19
    The Final Destination

    The Final Destination

    Ali Larter, Krista Allen


    Directed byDavid R. Ellis

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  • 20
    Crazy in Alabama

    Crazy in Alabama

    Melanie Griffith, Meat Loaf


    Directed byAntonio Banderas

  • 21
    The Big Easy

    The Big Easy

    John Goodman, Dennis Quaid


    Directed byJim McBride

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  • 22
    A Love Song for Bobby Long

    A Love Song for Bobby Long

    Scarlett Johansson, John Travolta


    Directed byShainee Gabel

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  • 23
    Albino Alligator

    Albino Alligator

    Viggo Mortensen, Faye Dunaway


    Directed byKevin Spacey

  • 24
    King Creole

    King Creole

    Elvis Presley, Walter Matthau


    Directed byMichael Curtiz

  • 25
    The Toast of New Orleans

    The Toast of New Orleans

    David Niven, Rita Moreno


    Directed byNorman Taurog