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Famous Movies From Ireland

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List of popular movies from Ireland, listed by popularity with movie trailers when available. All prominent movies shot in Ireland are included. This list of famous films made in Ireland includes additional information about the movies, such as who directed them and what genre they are. Any top rated movies made in Ireland should appear on this list, with the most well-known ones at the top. The most popular cinema of Ireland is included below, so if you see a movie that's missing then it probably isn't very well-known.

Examples of movies on this list include Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Princess Bride, and more. If you've ever wondered what movies were shot in Ireland, find out here!

  • Enemy at the Gates1

    Enemy at the Gates

    Rachel Weisz, Jude Law


    Directed byJean-Jacques Annaud

    Enemy at the Gates is a 2001 film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The film's title is taken... more on Wikipedia

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  • Braveheart2


    Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau


    Directed byMel Gibson

    Braveheart is a 1995 epic historical medieval war drama film directed by and starring Mel... more on Wikipedia
  • Saving Private Ryan3

    Saving Private Ryan

    Tom Hanks, Matt Damon


    Directed bySteven Spielberg

    Saving Private Ryan is a 1998 American epic drama war film directed by Steven Spielberg. Set... more on Wikipedia

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  • The Princess Bride4

    The Princess Bride

    Billy Crystal, Robin Wright


    Directed byRob Reiner

    The Princess Bride is a 1987 American romantic comedy fantasy adventure film directed and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens5

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher


    Directed byJ.J. Abrams

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a 2015 American epic space opera film directed by J. J.... more on Wikipedia

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  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince6

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe


    Directed byDavid Yates

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a 2009 fantasy film directed by David Yates and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Ella Enchanted7

    Ella Enchanted

    Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum


    Directed byTommy O'Haver

    Ella Enchanted is a 2004 British–American–Irish fantasy romantic comedy film loosely based on... more on Wikipedia
  • Around the World in 80 Days8

    Around the World in 80 Days

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Q


    Directed byFrank Coraci

    Around the World in 80 Days is a 2004 American adventure comedy film based on Jules Verne's... more on Wikipedia

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  • King Arthur9

    King Arthur

    Keira Knightley, Clive Owen


    Directed byAntoine Fuqua

    King Arthur is a 2004 action adventure film directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by David... more on Wikipedia
  • The Crying Game10

    The Crying Game

    Forest Whitaker, Jim Broadbent


    Directed byNeil Jordan

    The Crying Game is a 1992 British psychological thriller drama film written and directed by... more on Wikipedia

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  • Snow White and the Huntsman11

    Snow White and the Huntsman

    Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart


    Directed byRupert Sanders

    Snow White and the Huntsman is a 2012 American dark fantasy action film based on the German... more on Wikipedia

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  • The Count of Monte Cristo12

    The Count of Monte Cristo

    Henry Cavill, Jim Caviezel


    Directed byKevin Reynolds

    The Count of Monte Cristo is a 2002 adventure film directed by Kevin Reynolds. The film is an... more on Wikipedia

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  • Bridget Jones's Diary13

    Bridget Jones's Diary

    Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant


    Directed bySharon Maguire

    Bridget Jones's Diary is a 2001 British romantic comedy film directed by Sharon Maguire. It is... more on Wikipedia

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  • The Quiet Man14

    The Quiet Man

    John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara


    Directed byJohn Ford

    The Quiet Man is a 1952 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by John Ford. It stars... more on Wikipedia

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  • The Land Before Time15

    The Land Before Time

    Diana Ross, Frank Welker


    Directed byDon Bluth

    The Land Before Time is a 1988 American-Irish animated adventure drama film directed and... more on Wikipedia

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  • 8.5 Hours16

    8.5 Hours

    Tom O'Sullivan, Victor Burke


    Directed byBrian Lally

    8.5 Hours is a 2008 Irish film written and directed by Brian Lally. The film tells the story... more on Wikipedia
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven17

    All Dogs Go to Heaven

    Loni Anderson, Dom DeLuise


    Directed byDon Bluth, Gary Goldman, Dan Kuenster

    All Dogs Go to Heaven is a 1989 American–Irish animated musical adventure comedy film directed... more on Wikipedia

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  • Black 4718

    Black 47

    Hugo Weaving, James Frecheville


    Directed byLance Daly

    Black 47 is a 2018 drama directed by Lance Daly, based on the Irish short film An Ranger.... more on Wikipedia
  • Michael Collins19

    Michael Collins

    Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson


    Directed byNeil Jordan

    Michael Collins is a 1996 historical biopic written and directed by Neil Jordan and starring... more on Wikipedia
  • In Bruges20

    In Bruges

    Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes


    Directed byMartin McDonagh

    In Bruges is a 2008 British-American comedy film written and directed by Martin McDonagh. The... more on Wikipedia

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  • Reign of Fire21

    Reign of Fire

    Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey


    Directed byRob Bowman

    Reign of Fire is a 2002 post-apocalyptic action fantasy film directed by Rob Bowman and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Rock-a-Doodle22


    Christopher Plummer, Glen Campbell


    Directed byDon Bluth

    Rock-a-Doodle is a 1991 British live-action animated musical comedy fantasy film loosely based... more on Wikipedia

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  • Sing Street23

    Sing Street

    Aidan Gillen, Jack Reynor


    Directed byJohn Carney

    Sing Street is a 2016 musical coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by John Carney. A boy... more on Wikipedia


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  • Marley & Me24

    Marley & Me

    Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston


    Directed byDavid Frankel

    Marley & Me is a 2008 American comedy-drama film directed by David Frankel, based on the... more on Wikipedia
  • A Ferret Called Mickey25

    A Ferret Called Mickey

    A Ferret Called Mickey is a 2003 Irish short film directed by Barry Dignam about a father who... more on Wikipedia