Famous Movies From Soviet Union

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List of popular movies from Soviet Union, listed by popularity with movie trailers when available. All prominent movies shot in Soviet Union are included. This list of famous films made in Soviet Union includes additional information about the movies, such as who directed them and what genre they are. Any top rated movies made in Soviet Union should appear on this list, with the most well-known ones at the top. The most popular cinema of Soviet Union is included below, so if you see a movie that's missing then it probably isn't very well-known.

Everything from Battleship Potemkin to Solaris is included on this list. This list answers the questions What movies were shot in Soviet Union?"
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Sergei Eisenstein, Grigori Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Antonov
Battleship Potemkin, sometimes rendered as Battleship Potyomkin, is a 1925 silent film directed by Sergei Eisenstein and produced by Mosfilm. It presents a dramatized version of the mutiny that ...more
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Orson Welles, Christopher Plummer, Rod Steiger
Waterloo is a 1970 Soviet-Italian film directed by Sergei Bondarchuk and produced by Dino De Laurentiis. It depicts the story of the preliminary events and the Battle of Waterloo, and is famous ...more
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Yuri Nikulin, Anatoly Solonitsyn, Rolan Bykov
Andrei Rublev, also known as The Passion According to Andrei, is a 1966 Russian film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky from a screenplay written by him and Andrei Konchalovsky. The film is loosely ...more
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Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Ava Gardner
The Blue Bird is a 1976 American/Soviet fantasy film directed by George Cukor. The screenplay by Hugh Whitemore, Alfred Hayes, and Aleksei Kapler is based on L'Oiseau bleu by Maurice ...more
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Amitabh Bachchan, Amrish Puri, Rishi Kapoor
Ajooba is a 1991 Bollywood fantasy superhero film, produced and directed by Shashi Kapoor and also co-directed by the Soviet filmmaker Gennadi Vasilyev. It is a fantasy film loosely based on ...more
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Anatoly Solonitsyn, Natalya Bondarchuk, Jüri Järvet
Solaris is a 1972 Russian science fiction art film adaptation of Polish author Stanisław Lem's novel Solaris. The film was co-written and directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. The film is a meditative ...more
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Andrei Konchalovsky, Nikolai Burlyayev, Yevgeni Zharikov
Ivan's Childhood, sometimes released as My Name Is Ivan in the US, is a 1962 Soviet film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. It is based on the 1957 short story Ivan by Vladimir Bogomolov, with the ...more
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Sean Connery, Claudia Cardinale, Peter Finch
The Red Tent is a joint Soviet/Italian 1969 film directed by Mikhail Kalatozov. The film is based on the story of the mission to rescue Umberto Nobile and the other survivors of the crash of the ...more
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Dmitri Orlov, Nikolay Cherkasov, Sergei Blinnikov
Alexander Nevsky is a 1938 historical drama film directed by Sergei Eisenstein. It depicts the attempted invasion of Novgorod in the 13th century by the Teutonic Knights of the Holy Roman Empire ...more
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Oleg Yankovsky, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Margarita Terekhova
Mirror is a 1975 Russian art film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. It is loosely autobiographical, unconventionally structured, and incorporates poems composed and read by the director's father, ...more
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Faina Ranevskaya, Erast Garin
Cinderella is a 1947 Soviet musical film by Lenfilm studios. It is a classical story about Cinderella, her evil Stepmother, and a Prince.
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Man with a Movie Camera is an experimental 1929 silent documentary film, with no story and no actors, by Soviet director Dziga Vertov, edited by his wife Elizaveta Svilova. Vertov's feature ...more
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Aleksei Kravchenko, Liubomiras Lauciavicius, Vladas Bagdonas
Come and See is a 1985 Soviet drama film directed by Elem Klimov about and occurring during the Nazi German occupation of the Byelorussian SSR. Aleksei Kravchenko and Olga Mironova star as the ...more
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Yury Solomin, Aleksandr Pyatkov, Maxim Munzuk
Dersu Uzala is a 1975 Soviet-Japanese co-production film directed by Akira Kurosawa, his first non-Japanese-language film and his first and only 70mm film. The film won the Golden Prize and the ...more
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Aleksey Batalov, Vasili Merkuryev, Tatiana Samoilova
The Cranes Are Flying is a Soviet film about World War II. It depicts the cruelty of war and the damage suffered to the Soviet psyche as a result of World War II. It was directed at Mosfilm by ...more
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Isabella Rossellini, Marcello Mastroianni, Silvana Mangano
Dark Eyes is a 1987 Italian and Russian language film which tells the story of a 19th-century married Italian who falls in love with a married Russian woman. It stars Marcello Mastroianni and ...more
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Malcolm McDowell, Oleg Yankovsky, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan
The Assassin of the Tsar is a 1991 Russian film. It was entered into the 1991 Cannes Film Festival. There are two versions. One is filmed in English which later was dubbed over the Russian ...more
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Erland Josephson, Oleg Yankovsky, Domiziana Giordano
Nostalghia is a 1983 Soviet/Italian film, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky and starring Oleg Yankovsky, Domiziana Giordano and Erland Josephson. Tarkovsky co-wrote the screenplay with Tonino
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Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Yury Yakovlev
Treasure Island is a 1988 Soviet animated film in two parts based on the novel with the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson. While the film combines traditional animation and live action, it ...more
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Alexander Kalyagin
Tale of Tales is a 1979 Soviet/Russian animated film directed by Yuriy Norshteyn and produced by the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. It has won numerous awards, has been acclaimed by critics and ...more
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Yevgeny Leonov, Yury Yakovlev, Stanislav Lyubshin
Kin-dza-dza! is a 1986 Soviet sci-fi dystopian black comedy cult film released by the Mosfilm studio and directed by Georgiy Daneliya, with a story by Georgiy Daneliya and Revaz Gabriadze. The ...more
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Elya Baskin, Rolan Bykov, Yevgeny Leonov
Big School-Break is a Soviet 1972 TV miniseries in 4 episodes. Its USA screen name is The Long Recess, and it is loosely based on Georgi Sadovnikov's novel "Walk towards people".
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Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Anastasiya Vertinskaya, Vadim Medvedev
Hamlet is a 1964 film adaptation in Russian of William Shakespeare's play of the same title, based on a translation by Boris Pasternak. It was directed by Grigori Kozintsev and Iosif Shapiro, ...more
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Nikita Mikhalkov, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Nikolai Voshchilin
Close to Eden is a 1991 drama film directed by Nikita Mikhalkov.
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Anatoly Borisovich Kuznetsov, Spartak Mishulin, Kakhi Kavsadze
White Sun of the Desert is a classic 'Eastern' or Ostern film of the Soviet Union. The film is one of the most popular Russian films of all time. Its blend of action, comedy, music and drama, as ...more