Famous Movies From Vietnam

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List of popular movies from Vietnam, listed by popularity with movie trailers when available. All prominent movies shot in Vietnam are included. This list of famous films made in Vietnam includes additional information about the movies, such as who directed them and what genre they are. Any top rated movies made in Vietnam should appear on this list, with the most well-known ones at the top. The most popular cinema of Vietnam is included below, so if you see a movie that's missing then it probably isn't very well-known.

Movies on this list include Rambo: First Blood Part II and Journey from the Fall. This list answers the questions What movies were shot in Vietnam?"
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Jeanne Moreau, Jane March, Lisa Faulkner
The Lover is a 1992 drama film produced by Claude Berri and directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Based on the semi-autobiographical 1984 novel by Marguerite Duras, the film details the illicit ...more
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Le Cong Tuan Anh, Tran Nu Yen Khe
Cyclo is a 1995 film by Tran Anh Hung. It stars Lê Văn Lộc, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Trần Nữ Yên Khê. The film won the Golden Lion at the 52nd Venice International Film ...more
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Harvey Keitel, Đơn Dương, Tran Manh Cuong
Three Seasons is an American Vietnamese language film filmed in Vietnam about the past, present, and future of Ho Chi Minh City in the early days of Doi Moi. It is a poetic film that tries to ...more
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Mother's Soul Hong Anh, Truong Minh Quoc Thai, Phung Hoa Hoai Linh
Mother's Soul is a 2011 family drama film written and directed by Pham Nhue Giang.
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Bar Girls My Duyen, Minh Thu, Anh Vu
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Dustin Nguyen, Ngô Thanh Vân, Johnny Trí Nguyễn
The Rebel is a 2007 Vietnamese martial arts film directed by Charlie Nguyen and starring Johnny Tri Nguyen, Dustin Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van. It premiered on April 12, 2007 at the Vietnamese ...more
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Nguyen Thi Tham, Thach Kim Long, Nguyen Anh Hoa
Set in the lowlands of southern Vietnam, this powerful coming of age tale is a richly textured and stunningly visual reflection of the rhythms of daily life and culture determined by water. The ...more
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Đỗ Thị Hải Yến, Le Khanh, Tran Nu Yen Khe
The Vertical Ray of the Sun is the third feature film by Vietnamese-born French director Trần Anh Hùng. It was released in 2000 and is the final part of what many now consider to be ...more
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Blood Letter Midu, Minh Thuan, Kim Hien
Blood Letter Vietnamese: 'Thiên Mệnh Anh Hùng' is a 2012 Vietnamese martial arts action fantasy directed by Victor Vu, produced by Phuong Nam Films and Saiga Films, in association ...more
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Donald Pleasence, Jean-François Balmer, Patrick Chauvel
Diên Biên Phu is a 1992 film written and directed by French veteran Pierre Schoendoerffer. With its huge budget, all-star cast, and realistic war scenes produced with the cooperation ...more
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Jo An, Seong-Eon Lim, Cha Ye-ryeon
Mười: The Legend of a Portrait is a 2007 horror film starring Jo An, Cha Ye-ryun and Anh Thu. It became the first horror film in Vietnam, after the Fall of Saigon and also, the first rated film ...more
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Bui Doi Cho Lon Johnny Trí Nguyễn, Nhung Kate, Hoang Phuc
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Keo Souvannavong, Tran Nu Yen Khe, Lu Man San
The Scent of Green Papaya is a 1993 Vietnamese-language film produced in France by Lazennec Production, directed by Vietnamese-French director Tran Anh Hung, and starring Tran Nu ...more
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Kieu Chinh, Nguyen Long, Diễm Liên
Journey from the Fall is a 2006 independent film by writer/director/editor Ham Tran, about the Vietnamese reeducation camp and boat people experience following the Fall of Saigon on April 30, ...more
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Love Man Love Woman
Love Man Love Woman is a 2007 documentary film directed by Nguyen Trinh Thi.
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Dust of Empire Dominique Sanda, Jean-François Stévenin, Anne Canovas
Dust of Empire is a 1983 film written by Lê Lâm and Henry Colomer and directed by Lê Lâm.
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Owl and the Sparrow Nguyen Hau, Danvy Pham, Bui Thi Noan
Owl and the Sparrow is a 2007 film by Stephane Gauger that follows the fictional story of three Vietnamese individuals over a period of five days as they meet in Saigon.
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Dustin Nguyen, Johnny Trí Nguyễn, Chang Tseng
Saigon Eclipse is a 2007 Vietnamese film. The 90-minute film, directed by Othello Khanh and starring Dustin Nguyen, Trương Ngọc Ánh, Marjolaine Bui, Johnny Trí Nguyễn, Như Quỳnh, ...more
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Oh, Saigon
Oh, Saigon is a 2007 autobiographical documentary by Vietnamese American director Doan Hoang about her family's separation during the fall of Saigon and her attempt to reunite them afterwards. ...more
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Luu Trong Ninh, Nguyen Nhu Quynh, Minh Chau
Ben khong chong or is a 2000 Vietnamese film. The film won an award at the Berlin International Film Festival. It is directed by and featuring Trong Ninh Luu with Chau Minh and Ha Thuy .
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Coordinates of Death Yuriy Nazarov, Aleksandr Galibin, Daniil Netrebin
Coordinates of Death is a 1985 film by Samvel Gasparov and Nguyen Xuan Chan. The film, which involved both Soviet and Vietnamese movie makers, is mostly about American brutality during the ...more
17th Parallel: Vietnam in War is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list Famous Movies From Vietnam
17th Parallel: Vietnam in War
17th Parallel: Vietnam in War is a 1968 French documentary film directed by Joris Ivens. The film sets out to show the effects of the American bombing campaign on the Vietnamese people, who were ...more
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The Golden Key My Duyen, Ta Ngoc Bao
Chiếc chìa khóa vàng is a 2000 Vietnamese war film romance. It was directed by Hoang Le.
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Female Tutor Tran Thanh, Hoai Linh
Female Tutor is a 2012 comedy film written and directed by Le Bao Trung.
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Gangsta Girls My Duyen, Bang Lang, Lam Trường
Gangsta Girls is a 2004 Vietnamese film. Directed by young director Le Hoang, it was the most financially successful film in Vietnam during 2005. It stars Lam Truong, Bang Lang and My Duyen. The ...more