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Actual Lawyers Explain Which Legal Movies They Like The Best

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List RulesLawyers: Vote up the legal movies that actually get things right.

A gavel pounds, a bailiff escorts in a defiant or ashamed defendant, jury members stare earnestly, and sharply dressed lawyers pontificate with the eloquence of Roman orators. These scenes and scenes are the gist of the best law films or TV shows, and most people have their favorites, including lawyers themselves.

Attorneys and other legal professionals from the /r/law subreddits on Reddit have shared their favorite courtroom thrillers, comedies, and even a few movies that a jury wouldn't unanimously consider "law film" material. Lawyers on Reddit like talking about their nastiest cases, but they take a more upbeat timeout to share their top law movies. Verdict? That's not unanimous either - except maybe for a favorite film starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei.