25+ Nostalgic Movies That Were Actually Pretty Traumatizing

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Vote up the nostalgic flicks that stick with you in the worst ways.

When you put on a movie as a kid, it was often an animated classic or a flick intended for some family fun. Sometimes, it was a movie that might've been a little too adult for you - but you watched it anyway. The funny thing about both of these scenarios? Any of the movies you watch when you're young might have given you a lot more than you bargained for - and not in a good way. 

When Redditors chimed in about films that genuinely traumatized them, their examples ranged from cartoons and kids' movies to horror flicks and dramas. While full of nostalgia, many of these movies contain some questionable content and striking scenes young viewers couldn't shake. Take a look and vote up the ones that were pretty traumatic for you, too.