Film Movies Produced by Larry Brezner

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List of popular Larry Brezner movies, listed here by prominence with movie trailers when available. Various bits of information about these films are included with each film, such as the actors that starred in them and who directed them. This list of famous films Larry Brezner produced includes both blockbusters and independent movies. Use this list to find out what movies Larry Brezner produced and how many movies Larry Brezner produced. While this may not be a complete list of every movie Larry Brezner produced, all well-known Larry Brezner producer credits are included.

The list you're viewing contains films like Good Morning, Vietnam and Arthur.

This list answers the questions, "What movies has Larry Brezner produced?" and "What are the best Larry Brezner movies?"

Good Morning, Vietnam is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Movies Produced by Larry Brezner
Good Morning, Vietnam Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, J. T. Walsh

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The 'Burbs Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Corey Feldman

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Freddy Got Fingered Drew Barrymore, Shaquille O'Neal, Anthony Michael Hall

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Throw Momma from the Train Billy Crystal, Danny DeVito, Rob Reiner

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Arthur Jennifer Garner, Russell Brand, Helen Mirren

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The Greatest Game Ever Played Shia LaBeouf, Peyton List, Joe Jackson

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Ride Along Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Laurence Fishburne

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Sorority Boys Brian Posehn, Michael Rosenbaum, Heather Matarazzo

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The Vanishing Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland

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Angie Geena Davis, James Gandolfini, Margaret Cho

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Passed Away Tim Curry, Bob Hoskins, Frances McDormand