film Movies Produced by Lucas Kazan

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List of popular Lucas Kazan movies, listed here by prominence with movie trailers when available. Various bits of information about these films are included with each film, such as the actors that starred in them and who directed them. This list of famous films Lucas Kazan produced includes both blockbusters and independent movies. Use this list to find out what movies Lucas Kazan produced and how many movies Lucas Kazan produced. While this may not be a complete list of every movie Lucas Kazan produced, all well-known Lucas Kazan producer credits are included.

List features films like Italians and Other Strangers and Daniel and his Buddies.

This list answers the questions, "What movies has Lucas Kazan produced?" and "What are the best Lucas Kazan movies?"

Italians and Other Strangers Jean Franko, Alex Orioli, Ettore Tosi

The Men I Wanted Jean Franko, Roberto Giorgio, Alexy Tyler

Decameron: Two Naughty Tales Wilfried Knight, Jean Franko, Ricky Martinez

Daniel and his Buddies Luca, Alex Orioli, Oleg Tarkowski

The School for Lovers Jean Franko, Roberto Giorgio, Martin Dejdar

Hotel Italia Ettore Tosi, Pietro Cattani, Marco Ramazzotti

Love and Lust Jean Franko

Mykonos: LKP Casting 03 Ettore Tosi, Mamo Vallicelli

The Journey Victor Racek, Erik Lenn, Vilem Cage