27 Films Stephen King Has Awarded His Personal Stamp Of Approval

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The modern master of horror is a massive movie buff. And many of Stephen King's favorite movies transcend the genre that defines him. His top picks include horror and a few surprises: suspense tales, action flicks, and foreign films. This list of movies recommended by Stephen King brings seemingly disparate movies together and pairs them with the celebrated author's words on why each pick is special.

King found inspiration early from both literature and movies. As a kid, he loved horror comics and going to the movies; he has cited 1955's The Night of the Hunter as one of the first movies that truly terrified and enthralled him. But he reportedly had different feelings about Kubrick's The Shining. Over the years, King has never shied away from giving his opinion on books, whether his own works inspired them or not, and he's equally as open about sharing his film critiques.

The films Stephen King recommends run the gamut from black-and-white classics to modern remakes.