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18 Mediocre Movies Made Better by Steve Buscemi's Presence

Updated 14 Jun 2019 39.8k views18 items

Steve Buscemi is like hot sauce—he makes whatever movie he's in a little bit better. Just like a bland bowl of ramen is only made tolerable with a few drops, there are some films that are only watchable because Steve Buscemi is in them.

In a perfect world, he would be in every movie ever made. Film fanatics would flock to the theaters en masse just to see his unhinged, often funny and always quirky performances. Other actors would beg Steve Buscemi to stop hogging the silver screen and give them a chance at the spotlight.

Sadly, this is not a perfect world and although Buscemi fans may shudder at the thought, there are in fact movies that lack his manic, bug-eyed magic. Still, some movies are only good because Steve Buscemi is in them. Whether he is playing a two-bit gangster, a dorky dad or even an astronaut, Buscemi knows how to make a so-so movie memorable. He is part of an unofficial brotherhood of character actors that burst onto the scene in the 90s and his filmography is jammed with movies that were elevated by his simple existence. Keep reading to find out which mediocre movies Steve Buscemi made better.