50 Movies That Contained Future Stars

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A list of movies you didn't know featured actors who later became famous. Some of these will shock you and some will make you stifle a laugh. From the loveable Jennifer Aniston's appearance in "Leprechaun" to feisty Hilary Swank in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," you will see some unlikely faces in unlikely places!

Casting is an extremely difficult task. Sometimes, the hot new actor who a studio hopes is the next big thing just never quite makes it. Other times, the smallest cast member with only a few lines - or none at all - turns out to be the world's next movie star. In his early days, even Brad Pitt was a non-speaking extra in a few fairly big films. Hey, every celebrity has to start somewhere!

So to all those actors out there stuck in guest star roles - or worse yet: doing extra work to pay the bills - stick with it! Many famous actors were just where you are now, and they later went on to do amazing things. These big names had tiny roles in major films before breaking into the big leagues. The A-list could be just one role away. As the saying goes, there are no small parts, only small actors.

Below is a list of films you've seen and the famous actors you didn't notice were in them.