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Movie Endings That Gloss Over Extremely Dark Stuff The Characters Did

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As it turns out, some of our favorite movies ignore dark moments perpetrated by our heroes. The bleakest movie endings are the ones that gloss over the protagonists' evil actions. 

Before his descent, Anakin slays innocent younglings in an attempt to take over the Jedi Temple. Tony Stark made Ultron in the first place, sparking the chaos and destruction that later unfolds. Even Dumbledore abandoned Harry, leaving him to be tortured for most of his childhood by the Dursleys. 

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    'Return of the Jedi' Glosses Over Anakin Slaying The Younglings

    Photo: Revenge of the Sith / 20th Century Fox

    It's arguably one of the darkest moments in the entire Star Wars franchise. Just before the Siege of the Jedi Temple, Darth Sidious instructs Anakin to "do what must be done." Tasked with slaughtering all of the Jedi, Anakin happens upon some younglings - Jedi in training that look to be about 6 or 7 years old. When one of the boys asks him for help, Anakin draws his lightsaber and it cuts to the next scene. Obi-Wan and Yoda later stumble upon the horror.

    By the end of Revenge of the Sith, Anakin becomes Darth Vader, which is how we are introduced to him in the original trilogy. In Return of the Jedi, Luke forgives Anakin for all the destruction he caused as a Lord of the Sith, and he perishes as a Jedi. At the time, this seemed like a reasonable, if not heartwarming, redemption arc. In retrospect, however, Anakin never does penance for slaying the younglings. 

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    • Kill Bill: Vol. 1 begins with Beatrix Kiddo, AKA The Bride, lying wounded in a wedding dress and quickly fast-forwards to her first act of revenge.

      The Bride shows up at the home of Vernita Green, AKA Copperhead, one of the assassins involved in the wedding massacre. The Bride informs Copperhead that the only way she can make peace is to slay her, and does so with Vernita's young daughter Nikki in the next room.

      Instead of comforting the traumatized child, who just witnessed her mother being slain, The Bride tells her that her mother had it coming and that if she wants to avenge her, The Bride will be waiting.

      The Bride goes on to hunt down the other assassins who ruined her life, and doesn't give Vernita or her daughter a second thought.

      • Actors: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Quentin Tarantino, Daryl Hannah, Vivica A. Fox
      • Released: 2003
      • Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
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    • Tinker Bell is in love with Peter Pan, so naturally, when Wendy comes along, she figured Wendy will take her place or try to steal Peter from her. Her jealousy causes her to trick the Lost Boys into firing arrows at Wendy.

      Luckily, Wendy survives, and all of this is forgotten when Tinker Bell saves Peter's life by drinking the cup full of poison before he can get to it. He has everyone band together to revive her, and she never truly faces the consequences of her actions. 

      • Actors: Jason Isaacs, Saffron Burrows, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Lynn Redgrave, Olivia Williams
      • Released: 2003
      • Directed by: P. J. Hogan
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    • Molly Ringwald explained it best in her personal op-ed for The New Yorker:

      When [Bender is] not sexualizing [Claire], he takes out his rage on her with vicious contempt, calling her "pathetic," mocking her as "Queenie." It’s rejection that inspires his vitriol.

      Claire acts dismissively toward him, and, in a pivotal scene near the end, she predicts that at school on Monday morning, even though the group has bonded, things will return, socially, to the status quo.

      "Just bury your head in the sand and wait for your f*ckin' prom!" Bender yells. He never apologizes for any of it, but, nevertheless, he gets the girl in the end.

      The audience is supposed to believe that Bender and Claire would be perfect together in The Breakfast Club because even though they're from opposite sides of the social spectrum, detention brought out the best in both of them. What the film neglects to include in Bender's redemption arc, however, is an apology for harassing Claire. 

      • Actors: Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy
      • Released: 1985
      • Directed by: John Hughes
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