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The Best Movies That Have Been Screened At The White House 

Joe Hayes Jr.
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Since Woodrow Wilson screened Birth of a Nation in 1915, the first movie shown in the White House, there has been a marked interest in screening movies at the White House. So great was his interest in movies that FDR converted a cloak room in 1942 to the official White House Family Theater that screens some of the best movies of all time to this day. This list of movies that have been shown at the White House is a small sampling of some of the movies known to have been screened at the White House.

Regarded as one of the best Presidential perks, the ability to summon any film on a whim and have it shown in the White House screening room has been enjoyed by numerous US Presidents during their terms. While many Presidents have shown a proclivity for the best western films (Dwight Eisenhower would watch anything about cowboys as long as it didn't star Robert Mitchum), there have also been myriad screenings for the other inhabitants of the White House like the Obama children who have hosted screenings of films like High School Musical 3 and Bolt.

What movies have been shown at the White House? What films have been seen at the White House Family Theater? What kinds of movies do Presidents watch? This list of White House movie screenings will give you an idea what goes in during the down time at the White House and what Presidents do for fun. If you see one of your favorite movies among the movies Presidents have watched, vote it up. And don't feel bad about voting down Slumdog Millionaire, because it was clearly one of the worst movies ever to win an Oscar.
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Groundhog Day is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Movies That Have Been Screened At The White House
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Shown during the Clinton administration
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Patton is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Movies That Have Been Screened At The White House
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Shown during the Nixon administration
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