Movies That Made More Money On Merchandising Than At The Box Office

Do you often find yourself wondering how so many movies that seem to underperform at the box office are allowed to continue making sequels? Movie merchandising is the dirty little not-so-secret that many production companies rely on for either supplementing the ticket sales of their tentpole films or for making up lost revenue with underperforming features. That’s why box office fails that sold merchandise were able to keep cranking out dismal sequels - as long as people are still buying their film’s merchandise, a sequel needs to be created as a commercial for the products that people actually want.

But it isn’t just box office clunkers that make the bulk of their revenue on merchandise sales. Any incredibly successful film has a licensing deal in place so everyone can capitalize on its popularity. In the case of Star Wars, the revenue made from The Force Awakens merchandise gave Disney the cache to take a “risk” with a one-off film like Rogue One - a film that had less merchandising potential than one in the main canon.

Merchandising has always been a part of the film industry, but some films have really capitalized on branded consumer products. Sometimes, the merchandise sold itself. Other times, film companies came up with brilliant marketing strategies for their products. Either way, these films all found success outside the box office.