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Some of the greatest movies of all time do not have sequels. For many of these amazing movies, that's a good thing (we don't need a follow-up to the likes of The Shawshank Redemption or Schindler's List), but there exist some amazing movies that deserve sequels but have yet to receive them. Meanwhile some of the worst movies ever, like Twilight and Transformers, have had multiple sequels. In the hopes that something good comes out of the sequelverse, we've compiled this movies that deserve sequels list.

Films that need sequels are varied and include some cult classics (The Big Lebowski, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), some action favorites (True Lies), and some wild card movies (Dude, Where's My Car?), there are even a few Disney movies that could do with a sequel of their own. The common bond here is that these are all top movies that should have sequels and don't. 

What are the best movies without sequels? What films should have sequels? What movies have sequels in the works? This list of movies that need sequels will get you all riled up that there's a Smurfs 2 and an Air Bud 7, but no follow-up to your favorite movie. Vote up the movies you that you think need to have a sequel made the most.

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