Movie Adaptations That Make A Lot More Sense If You’ve Read The Books

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A film can bring a beloved book to life, making visible what's only on the page or in the imagination. But even with the best of intentions, sometimes filmmakers miss the mark, and they make movie adaptations that are more enjoyable if you read the book. This is largely because books have hundreds of pages to provide context and backstory, and authors have the advantage of devoting significant time to character and story development. Screenwriters, however, have no such luxury; most of them have around 120 minutes, give or take, to compress an entire literary universe into a film that captures viewers' attention.

No story genre is immune from the difficulties of making the transition from page to screen, whether it's a young adult drama or sci-fi adventure. Fantasy and science-fiction novels, however, create unique challenges, because carefully crafted, complex worlds are everything. Filmmakers might be limited by budget constraints, often meaning huge, essential chunks of a complex story are cut. So for some movies, you need to read the book to understand what's happening. 

Even if you love a particular movie, you might understand it better - and also enjoy it more - if you read the book in tandem with seeing the film.